The Nikkei Stock Average is small, the upper limit can be kept down, rather than Press eyes waiting to press the eyes of the situation/lunchtime comments

*12:13JST the Nikkei Stock Average is small, the upper limit can be kept down, rather than Press eyes waiting to press the eye of the situation
The Nikkei Stock Average is trading Commission. 4. 58 depreciation of 24018. 52 yen [volume approximately 5 billion 6000 million shares]in early trading on the trading finished. US-China trade negotiations in China Conference, open Phase 1 of the eyes reached an agreement this sense of security was, on the one hand the two countries and also investors a sense of security to give details such as the far,agreement on the content of the document is still scrutiny followed, and produce about the purchase at a later date will announce the details of Chinese officials is telling.

Therefore, Trump the President has said, China in the year 500 billion [about 5 trillion 4700 billion yen]in the scale of U.S. grown agricultural products to buy and that was missing I have to find that mood was. That said, once the profit taking is to be aware of what,at the end of the high awareness of the sentiment in the press as the eyes and wait for press the second, and so on, but the situation. The Nikkei Stock Average INDU immediately after 23950. 05 yen after pressing, the 24000 yen across the bottom of the rigid movements that it.

TSE 1 Section fluctuations brand name is the number of gainers exceeds 1000, the gainers, decliners number is almost antagonistic. Sector fisheries agriculture and forestry, real estate and other products and services,the sky luck, the fiber is firmly. On the other hand, rubber products, mining, metal products, machinery, pharmaceuticals, steel is pretty dull. Index impact the size of the Astellas medicine<4503>Shin-Etsu reduction<4063>Daikin<6367>,Daiichi Sankyo<4568>In the<9983>, Fanuc<6954>Is pallid. On the other hand,Softbank G<9984>Shiseido<4911>Off<8028>,SECOM<9735>And air team<2413>Prop.

The Nikkei Stock Average drop slightly and if you do,at the end of last week a significant rise in the 24000 yen recovered the rebound and only if the expected steady market expansion and so on. Volume approximately 5 billion 6000 million shares and at low levels there. Last week of measure SQ by the passage of participants is limited to. Also, the TOPIX Value Index drop slightly., while the TOPIX Growth Index players remained, and thin trading in the balance center of the flow as would be.

Basically last week of a significant rise of the rebound, also, the Nikkei stock average of 24,000 yen processing last year’s high level also for the return to wait for the selling pressure also be aware of the things you may have. However, the NEXT Nikkei average double index<1357>Trade is booming, and the shot of the tilted supply and demand in terms of underpinning a growing awareness that common. Today is the IPO of 3 companies, there was neither a consensus on which individual investors sentiment is good. Therefore, I say that the upper limit of the weight I used to be one,in opposition to the resilience of attention and press eyes and wait for the push of the eyes and the situation would be. 《AK》

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