The Nikkei Stock Average technical:4 day after day after day of Corona after the highs

*18:15JST Nikkei average technical:4 day after day after day of Corona after the highs
The 20th of the Nikkei average is 4 negative. Zara spot highs and closing price to yesterday with the corona crash after the highest value of the update. Candlestick and the Yang line, pulling the closing price of the 75-day line on release, the Strong Buy pressure, which seems to not. Ichimoku yesterday 3 help turn around the vision of momentum, keeping above the clouds, as and of gap width to expand and shape the buyer the advantage to leaning. The Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen lines upward as the upper limit up continue to, which suggests. Bollinger Bands in stock+2σ in the vicinity remained.- 2σ to+2σ of each line to be spaced apart from each other to spread the”5 line divergence”of a developing, the upper limit extended to the aspect of continuation, you can expect more. TSE 1 Section fluctuations is 121. 39%and the milestone of 120%outperformed the RSI[25-day-based]is 66. 19%[yesterday 67. 45%], and short-term overheating are scarce. 《FA》

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