The Nikkei Stock Average technical:indices,Bollinger 2 weeks-2σ on the return

*18:15JST Nikkei average technical:indices,Bollinger 2 weeks-2σ on the return
19 days of Nikkei Stock Average indices for. Candlestick shade to draw a line as close the the ground in the lows and this time the corona crash in prices was. The closing price is falling during the 5-day line fell below,Ichimoku conversion line is downward at the end. The 13-week line and the 26 week line of the dead the Cross is the vision, there was selling pressure for the strength to recheck the form. However, the Bollinger Bands are closing on the 6th since about 2 weeks-2σ on his return to the powerful traders took profits extension of the trend break suggests. RSI[14 day base]is 9. 39%, 25-day line and the lower divergence rate of 20. 50%and extreme”oversold”zone to the residence, and next week is the many bearish in the short-term rebound in the possibility of conscious will. 《FA》

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