The Nikkei Stock Average technical:venue,upwards of 5 days line up

*18:15JST Nikkei average technical:venue,upwards of 5 days line up
On the 11th of the Nikkei average the venue was. The user places the lows on the 25th line dividing the lot remained,the closing price on the 25th line to rise at Day 2 of the 5 day line is turned on. Ichimoku is the Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen lines are flat,even contact of the market continue to suggest. However, the stock price is today’s closing price remains unchanged to continue this weekend on the lagging line is a bearish signal occurs to start the point to keep in mind. Bollinger Bands[25 days based], the centerline and+1σ to be formed in a range within a stalemate to backing you. 1σ interval of 125 yen weak and small, together in the market it was now late in May. RSI [14 days based]is 57. 47%[yesterday 53. 32%], and neutral zone and that 40-60%area was. 《FA》

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