“The Nissan Intelligent factory” gone the spell of the”upside-down business model”to reform

Nissan is moving to. This Nissan is in each of the vehicle development,to produce it is considered a method for production leveling to proceed from the design phase a variety of models possible for the same models as in the production engineering development is necessary.

【Here】Nissan”dying”margin 66%decrease in the growth strategy shows first! The status quo of the situation into consideration

This Nissan is,”upside-down business model”was considered. Production technology of late the demand for funds increase, the funds efficiency, dropping debt and increasing virtually, Nissan went bankrupt. On the other hand, Toyota,some Nissan ahead of the”Toyota Production System”to develop for.

There, Nissan is Renault’s capital,Carlos Ghosn appeared to play for. Gone is the helm when the”production”of delay is concerned, however, M&A and global order, such as financial measures to give priority to management,cost cutter with the nickname of Carlos Ghosn strong at, Nissan of play you have. But in the long term, Renault and the”integrated cooperative production systems”such as is required,Toyota’s TNGA, such as after it had arisen.

And now,late to take it back from such a”Nissan Intelligent factory”, the Toyota’s TNGA,Mazda’s”Sky active technology”as compared to what the position occupied, the little details do not know and can not judge. It was announced from the content is common sense direction, and later it was going to recover the production technology including development as well.

[1] the technology [2] craftsmanship grows in the robot [3] human and robot coexistence of

This 3-Element one.

【Powertrain mass equipped with the system]Pallet on the powertrain components required to set the robot assembling method of the like. Pallets are just placed in the assembled can cost would be. TNGA, such as from the design phase to the common platform could be designed not to cover the idea of it,little expecting that. Also, Renault・Nissan・Mitsubishi of 3 companies in the Union May of the benefits you can get rid of it.

【Sealing coating of automation [craftsmanship of automation] 】
This is a common sense way, as the contents published need to think as much. AI the introduction of a possible range of might. Rather,”skill schools”such as the creation of automobile manufacturing technology to the conservation effort to not want them. This announcement is for users and employees, and professionals in the you would.

【Innovation coating line]Manufacturing technology belonging to the development, the attention is the”step coupling”only. Technology to reduce, the minutes from the step of coupling effect is immeasurable. “The body and the bumper the same paint can”Key and such. Environmental technology is, but rather on the surface of the the effectiveness and and far.

Production line, conventional robot in the direction of the AI to humans and the same judgment have achieved”step join”IS possible and can be a problem. The number of processes and reducing inventory, reducing the number of place of work,stock handling facilities, and management systems, such as the funds, which significantly reduces the amount of this data. This is the cost of cost only.

TNGA and comparison of this information is not available, a comparable effect to Nissan by. And Carlos Ghosn system a break from play, business model innovation began would. Expect a swell story. “Keep it Nissan!”. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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