The nostalgic "Drive-in Theater" is back! │ You can even drive into Hard Rock Stadium!

The “social distance” is being claimed, and the “drive-in theater” where movies can be watched from the car is getting hot again. Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins home stadium, Hard Rock Stadium, announced that it will set up an outdoor theater.

One theater is located outside the stadium and seats are installed according to the social distance guidelines. The other is the "Drive-in Theater" installed in the stadium. You can park your car at the place where a football game was usually held. This vast studio can accommodate 230 cars.

See the image of the outdoor theater [4 photos]

In addition to screening movies, he is thinking of using it for events such as past Dolphins screenings and graduation ceremonies.

In response to the announcement, Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium Vice Chairman and CEO Tom Garfinkel commented: “We've spent a few weeks planning this plan to give people the option to be safe, enjoy movies, footages of the past Dolphins, concerts, and celebrate their 2020 graduation. It's a fundamental need for humans to celebrate, celebrate, and enjoy it with someone, and we strive to provide everyone with the option of coexisting while maintaining a safe social distance. Masu ”

The specific opening time has not been announced, but preparations are steadily progressing. It should be noted that the obligation to wear a mask and the installation of a toilet have not been announced.

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