The novel submission platform "LINE Novel" will end its service on August 31st

LINE will post the novel submission platform on July 8thLINE novel,” will end on August 31st.

LINE Novell is a novel posting platform that announced its service in April 2019 and started operating in August of the same year. According to the company, after considering various factors such as future business policy, it decided to terminate the service as a result of repeated examination.

Specifically, the web version and application version of the service will be closed at 15:00 on August 31, and new downloads of the application will also be stopped. Also, at 15:00 on August 24, sales of the in-app currency "Novell Coin" of the service will be stopped.

If you have already installed the application, you can continue to browse works and use "Novel Coin" until the end of the service. However, even if the viewing deadline remains until the end of the service, the purchased work cannot be viewed after the service end date and the "Novell coin" cannot be refunded.

The posted novel works can be downloaded as text data from the novel edit page [until 15:00 on November 13].

Furthermore, for refunds of "Novell Coins" that have already been purchased, acceptance will start from 15:00 on September 10th. For refunds, it is necessary to inquire from the "Refund Application Form" posted on the official LINE Novell blog after the end of the service.

After the service ends, you will not be able to log in to the application, so if you want to refund the "Novell coin", it is recommended to refrain from the "member ID" and the number of remaining coins at the end of the service before the service ends. ing. Reception will end at 15:00 on November 13th.

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