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The number of Twitter retweets in 2019 is “The Egg”. Former ZOZO Maezawa's record is not counted due to remuneration-Engadget Japan version

The number of retweets that won the first place was less than 960,000 at the time of writing. It's surprising that so many people, though not reaching 1 million, wanted to tweet this tweet.

Continuing second place was posted by Jung Kook of Korean idol group BTSLip sync video without love. At the time of writing, the number of retweets was higher than the number one egg, but this was due to a sudden increase in retweets after Twitter announced the ranking. It ’s a Nantoka-style story. However, in this regard, Twitter will explain later the policy not to count multiple retweets in one account, so the ranking will not be overturned.

The third place is a story video. It is a movie of a pattern that is common in Twiiter that chased many people who escaped with screaming … not. The following 4th to 5th place was also a video story of animals.

On the other hand, the most frequently retweeted comment with a comment is the Sesotho phrase "O jewa ke eng?", The official language of South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho. The meaning isn't clear, but to be strong, "What are you interested in?" Tweeted by South African women's internet magazine Ambassador Keabetswe, this phrase has become an Internet meme, and the conversation has become viral and the number of retweets seems to have increased.

In the 2nd to 4th place, the conversation that spread with similar memetic words turned into retweets with hundreds of thousands of comments. However, Lady Ga Ga ’s tweet in fifth place is completely unclear. However, the fans who responded to this are quite strong, and it seems that it seems to be fun, such as changing tweets with unknown meanings or doing deciphering big happiness. Somehow only this tweet was posted in 2012.

In addition, the most-discussed TV program is No. 1 “Game of Thrones”, No. 2 “Stranger Things” and No. 3 “The Simpsons”. Looking at the movies, 1st place “The Avengers: Endgame”, 2nd place “Toy Story 4” and 3rd place “Joker (2019)” all seemed reasonable. “Weathering With You” ranked 6th in the movie.

By the way, Twitter also announces rankings by country.Rankings in Japan have also been announced on December 10.However, it was only about celebrities and companies in general, and it was Japanese that it was very Japanese that there was no such thing in terms of unexpectedness.

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