The NY perspective: Rice 5 may JOLT unexpectedly increase is difficult to predict without any of the labor market slack surviving

*07:45JST NY perspective:Rice 5 may JOLT unexpectedly increase is difficult to predict without any of the labor market slack surviving
The US Department of Labor announced on 5 JOLT job number is 539. 7 million,4 on 499. 6 million from the decrease unexpectedly increased. Resumption of the economy with companies hiring resumed.

Pandemic crisis enters into a recession, the U.S. economy is the labor market is tight. The number of jobs is the total number of unemployed exceeded the trend this year,and 3 months until 24 months of consecutive continuation. Pandemic crisis due to economic blockade in the effects of 4 months the number of unemployed is the number of jobs 1800 million times was. The number of unemployed and the number of jobs the difference is the largest ever recorded. 5 month and the difference is slightly reduced,the number of unemployed job number 1560 million times by. Jobs 1 to for 3. 9 of people unemployed percentage of that.

5 on the adoption of 4 months from the 150 million, an increase of 648. 7 million and a record high. Mainly, accommodation, food services, retail and construction sector in the recruitment of stood out. 5 on the hiring rate [Hiring rate] is 4. 9%, and 4 on 3. 1% from Rise. 1, 2 on of 3. 9%, 3.8% last year, 3.8% more than it was.

Turnover is 1000 million from 410 million to the decrease. Who fired the number is a record high for 3 month 1150 million, and 4 months of 770 million, fell sharply from 180 million was. 5 month layoff rate [Layoffs/discharges rate] is 1. 3%, and 4 on 5. 8%decline from the. Last year 1. 1% is still on.

The labor market an expression of confidence in it and attention to retirees, the number of 210 million and,4 months of 188 million from the increase. Retirement rate [Quits rate] is 1. 6%in 4 Months 1. 4% rise from May, this year 1 month, 2 month 2. 3% last year, 2. 3% below the labor market’s health is still a skeptical view of the strong seems.

Pandemic by 2000 million people near are unemployed. The resumption of economic activity with the 750 million people in employment has recovered all of the unemployed return to work is not easy. Pandemic of convergence still for just one,the corporate reorganization of the D-Day invasion and the immediate aftermath. The airline, such as the fall and subsequent employment-reduction plans already announced. The US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]of Oles Vice-chair of the future bad debts, defaults will cause the increase of the inevitable and warning, and the next again, the dismissal can increase enough,still,unpredictable situation.

■Employment or to the dashboard

◎Before the financial crisis compared to the state of improvement in the Financial pre-crisis levels
6 months number of employers[Nonfirm payrolls]:+480 million[5 month + 269.9 million] + 16.18 million
6 month long-term unemployment[15 weeks or more]: 18.7%[5 on 10. 7% in 2019, 36. 7%] 19.1%
5 months job rate [Job openings rate]: 3.9% [4 on 3. 7% last year, 4. 6%] 3%
5 on the hiring rate [Hiring rate]: 4.9% [4 on 3. 1% last year, 3. 8%] 3.8%
5 month layoff rate [Layoffs/discharges rate]: 1.3% [4 on 5. 8% last year, 1. 1%] 1.4%

◎The financial crisis compared to before the condition worsen
5 on the retirement rate [Quits rate]: 1.6% [4 on 5. 8% last year, 2. 3%] 2.1%
6 month unemployment rate [Unemploynent rate]: 11.1%[5 on 13. 3%] 5%
6 on the broad unemployment rate[U-6]: 18%[5 on 21. 2%] 8.8%
6 on the labor force participation rate:61.5%[5 on 60. 8%] 66.1%《CS》

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