The observable universe can life exist on Earth only the University of Tokyo life-the birth of the scenario to create

Planets other than Earth life exists, and life is how the birth of Science and the great mystery of the one. The University of Tokyo 3 days,the universe is non-biological in the process of origins of life scenario was created and announced. According to the scenario,the observable space in the Life star is the Earth just.

【Here】Tokyo Institute of technology, such as the birth of life about a new hypothesis put forward

■Random origin of life is the birth of possibility
Life and transmission of genetic information, DNA or RNA, a protein made by. This mechanism as origin of the prevailing theory, as one of the”RNA world hypothesis”is the chant from.

The RNA world hypothesis, the genetic information responsible for DNA and metabolic role of the protein the function of both RNA having genetic information is self-replicating in that the RNA world filled with the presence of as.

However, self-renewal possible RNA such as the birth, the mystery remains. DNA and RNA, the fundamental unit of”nucleotides”that I turn to more life activities, whether it is possible to determine.

If the nucleotide is random, which binds to a chemical reaction, as the life activity is possible to information RNA is the birth probability of the equivalent low been considered. Or unknown mechanism of how RNA evolved into a theory that also exists, but the specific scenario is undiscovered yet.

■Vast too the universe
Research, the University of Tokyo for Toya, Tomonori Professor focused of the universe, vast. The latest cosmology, as the universe is the observable distance beyond the spread, and observation can be 130 billion a year to the area for 10 of the 78 ride over the volume of one would. 10 of 178 squared pieces of stars may be present, it is estimated that somewhere in the universe the origin of life and RNA is the birth can be expected.

Toya Professor,the primitive of the terrestrial planets and the origin of life and RNA is the birth probability, and that exists in the universe the number of stars and to tie the equation to stand for. This equation, according to the 10 to the 40 pieces of the star if it exists, the origin of life and RNA is the birth possible.

In this scenario, the origin of life and RNA is the primitive of the terrestrial planets at birth, the intelligent life also evolved in this is not taken into consideration. Also, life that nurtures the planet of the observable universe from the Earth just as one can also known. For an unknown process efficiently RNA is generated, if the exoplanets also, the existence of life could not be.

Details of the study, the international journal Scientific Reports on 3 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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