The Olympics frame is either Yoshizumi Ishikawa or Miu Hirano / breaking score

Kazumi Ishikawa [26 = Zenno], who is ranked 10th in the world ranking, is the third champion of the World Championship, and Liu Shifeng [China], and Miyu Hirano [19 = Nihon Life], who is ranked 11th, is the 18th ranked Wang Geisha [China]. And fight the first game. The competition between Ishikawa, the second-placed Japanese, and the third-placed plain, will be settled at this tournament.

If this tournament ranks in the same or higher Ishikawa, Ishikawa, and if the plain is up, Hirano gets the Tokyo Olympics frame.

The game will start at 8:20 PM for Ishikawa and 9:10 PM for Hirano. The game will be reported on Nikkan

GP final combination
GP final combination
This is the Olympic team
This is the Olympic team
Point difference between Ishikawa and Hirano
Point difference between Ishikawa and Hirano

Yoshizumi Ishikawa[World ranking 10th]

Liu Poetry[World ranking 3rd]

Hirano Miu[World ranking 11th]

King geisha[World ranking 18th]

Table tennis Olympics selection race

▼ How to select the table tennis Japanese national team Olympics and how to determine the world rankings The top two world rankings announced in January 20 for both men and women will win the singles representation right. The third person in the team battle is recommended by the Japan Headquarters Association's headquarters. Next year, on January 6th, three men and women from the Tokyo Olympics will be announced. Men's singles Tomokazu Harimoto and women's singles Misato Ito are sure to be represented. The world ranking is determined by the total points of the top 8 tournaments for each player and international tournament and is updated monthly. Points earned by participating in the newly established T2 diamond from this year will be added to the 8 tournaments.

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