The online space,the new Corona in a membership surge in the nest than consumption tailwind on demand

Fresh delivery of the online space・La・Earth is a new type of corona virus infection along with the expansion of the nest than the expansion of consumption, to receive a membership surge that is,in 2020 3 Months Ended Consolidated Financial Statements was evident. Go out, refrain from the spread of fresh vegetables to seasonings in addition to meal kit strong,regular delivery members of the 15 million new.

【Here】Aeon Kyushu and Yahoo, immediate delivery”PayPay dash”of the demonstration in Fukuoka resume

Sales rose 14%to approximately 710 billion yen. Net profit the cafe run out of a store closed in a goodwill impairment of approximately 3 billion yen was recorded for 67%, a decrease of approximately 8 billion yen depressed, the all-new Corona go out in the quiet spread 3 month sales rapidly for.

Under the umbrella brand”the online space”of the number of members at the end of the previous fiscal year by about 4 million people, a number about 24 million, 5,000 people. The end of the previous fiscal year and a 19% increase. Purchase unit price and frequency than the previous fiscal year exceed. Of these, Mir kit of the scheduled delivery member is about 15 million in the previous fiscal year, by 35%increased. 2 years ago compared to almost doubled. Especially 3 months into the new membership to be those who stood out. Another under the umbrella brand”protect society”,”radishbo-ya”to the Combined General Meeting, the number is about 34 million people have been reached.

Mir kit is the approximately 4000 contract farmers gathered from fresh vegetables and seasonings Set,1 bag, main dish and side dish you can make. In 2013 sales from the start of the 5000 million meals to break through the popular products have become,the online space is women’s or dual income household, and with increasing nest than consumption and expansion of the positive effects from that.

A new type of Corona emergency Declaration is in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Hokkaido, except released for telecommuting and spontaneous outings, quiet in the nest than the expansion of consumption trend given that. The online space is this tailwind to further sales increase to aim and 2021, and 3 on a year-on-year revenue of 9. 8%, an increase of 780 billion yen, and net income is 52 percent of the 12 billion expected. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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