The only candidate for a bond car was 2000GT! | Toyota 2000GT Bond Car 2

Among the candidates for the bond car were the Toyota 2000GT, Prince R380 and Cosmo Sports, among which the Toyota 2000GT won the honor.

The contact point for the negotiations was Yukio Fukuzawa, who is also a fashion model at Toyota Works.

契約 I signed a contract before the Japan Grand Prix, but there were a lot of difficulties that had to be resolved before shooting. Since the Toyota 2000GT was a prototype before its release, there was no car to offer.
Also, broccoli has requested that "I want you to remodel it fully open so that James Bond's face can be seen better."

ト ヨ タ Because of lack of rigidity, Toyota proposed a targa roof that could only remove the roof, but broccoli was dissatisfied and eventually took a full-open plan.

The remodeling to open is the Tsunashima Plant of the Toyopet Service Center, who is used to building race cars and special vehicles.

The power unit is equipped with a 1988cc 3M in-line 6-cylinder DOHC jointly developed by Toyota and Yamaha. It has a hemispherical combustion chamber, cross-flow layout, and mass-produced models are equipped with three twin choke Solex 40PHH.

The bond car is equipped with three tune-up versions of the funnel-specific Weber 45DCOE. It seems that the performance was much higher than the mass production model 150ps / 18.0kg-m.

The oil filler cap on the 6th cylinder has the same openable cap as the speed trial specification.

2Two prototype cars are provided, which are as close as possible to the mass-produced models, one of which is openly modified for shooting in Japan. The other has the same remodeling for overseas locations and shows. Due to lack of time, he gave up precise drawings and was almost made in-kind.

The spinner nut type wire wheel, which was mounted on the prototype exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show, was adopted for bond cars.

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