The only condition that makes you rich

◆ The rich think of everything "simple"
"Success comes from simplicity."

This is the word of Google founder Sergey Brin. What I've done is just as simple as that. I am enjoying freedom now.

Since business operations such as real estate brokerage are left to business partners, there is no need to commute to the company or take a crowded train.

Therefore, wake up at any time and sleep at any time. If you want to go on a trip, you can go, and if you want to rest, rest.

I'm still writing this while drinking coffee on an airplane traveling to Malaysia. I only go out with my favorite people and not with the troublesome people. That's why every day is fun and free of any stress.

One of the major reasons why I got this kind of life is the theme that I am pursuing: "think simpler" and "act simpler".

But I realized that only after I was 30 years old. Until then, as a member of society, I had really gone through a bad life.

◆ Twenties who were useless. I was cornered from neat life to just before depression …
When I was in my 20s. Despite the employment ice age, he missed job hunting and graduated from college without a determined job.

For my daily life, I did some minimal work, such as cleaning a building, but I spent most of the day in an apartment living a part-time job. In other words, it's neat.

I couldn't even return the scholarship I borrowed when I was a college student, so I had to postpone the start of repayment.

When I was worried about my life as a part-time worker, I attended a job fair hosted by a bookkeeping college. I managed to get a job offer from an accounting firm in Tokyo. Summer is over.

However, it was miserable days waiting for me to be motivated. The first job was a really simple job of inputting accounting slips from customers.

Besides, suddenly input mistakes and calculation mistakes are made. That was repeated several times, and in just about a month, I was able to label it as "I can't use it."

Every day, my seniors and bosses get angry and preach and ask me why I can't do this. Stress makes me unable to get up in the morning and is more late, which makes me more angry.

Finally, I can no longer laugh at work. At last, she was on the verge of being miserable and mentally nervous, and decided to escape, saying, "No, it's no good. Let's quit …"

A year later, I was asked, "What are you going to do?" And I could only answer in a small voice, "Yes … I will quit …" It's only one year since I got a job.

This was my start as a working adult. From this experience, I have consciously struggled to change my mind.

◆ "Simple" is a weapon that runs through unstable times
And finally I got freedom. However, you don't know how long this life will last, so if you're not worried at all, you'll be lying.

There is no fixed income and everything is variable costs, so it is true if it is called unstable. However, routine work is almost zero. I'm just enjoying all my work.

While acting as an individual investor, writer, and lecturer, his business focuses on launching new businesses and supporting the expansion of emerging countries in Asia.

Do all that you think is "fun" and stop when it's no longer fun. This is just a simple idea.

Of course, I don't think I've succeeded and I'm still not satisfied with the status quo, but what I was able to do now is to think "simple" like this Because they have been

Because I think simple things are closer to the essence than complex ones.

It is not a short-cut idea of ​​omitting, divising, or tidying up in one word.

It is one of the wisdoms that lightly runs through the uncertain and unstable era, and is considered to be a powerful approach to opening up a life in a real society where there is no right answer.

◆ Think about investment as well as business
In fact, investment is the same. Many people may feel that it is difficult to make a profit by investing. It takes a lot of study. However, the key to real estate investment is "whether tenants can be secured."

In other words, it is a story that anyone can understand from the tenants' perspective, imagine what criteria they look for in a rental property and what priorities they decide on a property. Yes, it is a convenient place and rent is reasonable.

Whether it's stock, FX or mutual funds, "buy when it's cheap and sell it when it's high", you only have to buy when the panic falls and everyone sells when the economy is boom. No need for difficult analysis.

Of course, so is work, and spending money on trending digital gadgets and cloud services just adds more work and gets more complicated.

In some situations, it is better to discard such things. Notebooks and notebooks are more analog and free. Reduce what has to be recharged and what's done when batteries run out. News can be searched, so clipping of articles is stopped.

Keep relationships simple. It doesn't mean to dilute the connection, but to keep the other person's behavior from whales.

Recently, people have been angry at saying, "I'm insane," "I can't do that," "What's moral," "I'm unscrupulous," but such people are controlled by their emotions by others. It is.

Do not rely on others. Minimize the influence of others. If you think, "Others can't control themselves, you just have to change." Even if the company or government does something weird, you can try to do something yourself, so you can minimize dissatisfaction. You.

And, of course, life. If you think that life is not sweet, you tend to think that complicated and difficult things are worthwhile.

Therefore, patience and patience become precious and life becomes cramped. Rather, I think that "life wins" and "life is not taken separately."

That way you can take on the challenge without risk. Forget about failures without dragging them, and remember only the good ones. Therefore, it becomes more and more challenging. Stress does not accumulate. I think it will be a more resilient way of life.

◆ Think more and more simply in every situation.
Focus on the point, "Where do you hold down to achieve your goal?" Discard other trivial things and reduce the number of ToDos.

That way, you'll have more time to work and life, and more fun.

Of course, not everything applies to you, but I think that the simpler things you think, the closer you get to the rich.

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