The operation of PPIH,20 year and 6 month period ended sales and operating income record high operating income on unit sales

Discount stores, art such as to operate the Pan・Pacific International Holdings [PPIH], December, 12, 2020 Year 6 Months Ended Consolidated Financial Results announced. Net sales,net income also was a record. Become a wholly owned subsidiary of the group of”unique”Nest home consumption benefited from strong sales pushing.

【Here】The deployment of PPIH,global manufacturing, sales, and consistently establishing in net sales of 3 trillion yen to the challenge

Sales of 1 trillion 6,819 million yen in the previous fiscal year, to 26. 6%outperformed. The breakdown is the flagship discount store business up 10. 0% to 1 trillion 1,175 billion, and comprehensive Super business the 84. 8%, an increase of 4,916 billion yen, the tenant leasing the 48. 8%, an increase of 190 billion yen, etc.

Discount store business in 2019, the 10 month of the consumption tax hike in consumer spending is frosty in the new corona virus infection after expansion in inbound tourists, the demand is rapidly disappearing,Quixote’s same-store sales of 2. 9%, and decreased. However, food and daily goods mainly daily necessities of assortment to enhance the sales and increase the share of this success, the number of foreign visitors reduced the impact of the minimum as for. Especially the hand soap and mask sales were particularly strong.

Family business of”MEGA Donki”, which operates 長崎屋 is a community-based product configuration, customer retention, increase store sales 1. 5% increase as well.

Comprehensive Super business by 2019 1 month from the earnings of the consolidated user for the first time full consolidation, and I go quiet to the nest than consumption benefited from food and housing-related products was favorable for the store sales 1. 7%increase, respectively. On the other hand, the clothing and the severe situation continued.

Tenant leasing business is the discount of the number of stores increased and users are included in the scope of consolidation and impact,strong performance in sales.

As a result, PPIH, the entire operating income of the previous year 20. 4% to 759 million yen,ordinary income of 10. 2%, an increase of 751 billion yen,net income of the 6. 9 percent to 503 billion yen. In 2021 6 Months Ended Consolidated Financial Forecast for net sales is 1. 1% increase of 1 trillion 7,000 billion, Net Profit of 1. 4% to ¥ 51.0 billion as that. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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