The origin of “10 secrets” starring Mukai Osamu is 7.9%

The audience rating of the second episode of the 21st broadcast of the Fuji TV series drama "10 secrets" [Tuesday 9:00 pm] starring actor Mukai [37] is 7.9% It turned out on the 22nd. Down 1.0 point from the previous 8.9%.

The Kansai area was down by 10.1%, down 1.7 points from the previous 11.8%.

Keita Shirakawa [Mukai] is a 14-year-old daughter, Hitomi [Anna Yamada] and a building inspection inspector living with two people. Nine years ago, Yukiko Sendai [Yukie Nakama], a lawyer and uplifting ex-wife, left the house and has since struck as a single father to build good relationships with her daughter. However, his daughter is kidnapped.

In the second episode, Keita [Mukai] learned that her ex-wife, Yukiko [fellow] had all the fake celebrity life and had a lot of debt because she was kidnapped by her daughter Hitomi [Yamada]. . Yukiko is finally contacted and is upset momentarily after hearing that her eyes have been kidnapped, but tells Keita that she wants to leave her to himself, as she has a good idea of ​​the culprit.

However, Keita realizes that Yukiko is involved in an unusual situation that cannot be resolved by work problems. "Does this have to do with that secret ten years ago?" Asked Keita and Yukiko whether the past, which had been in her heart, was the beginning of the case. However, at the next moment, Ryuji Utsunomiya [Atsuro Watanabe], a lover who was also looking for Yukiko, appeared to Teikoku Construction, and Yukiko was upset and escaped.

Meanwhile, Keita learns that her eyes were in a downtown area at night before, so she knows another face of her unknown daughter and hurries to rescue. On the other hand, Nanako Narisato [Nisa Risa] tells her that she had promised to meet the pianist Tsubasa [Matsumura Hokuto] on the day her eyes were abducted. Keita looks at Tsubasa's involvement in the kidnapping of Hitomi, and starts listening in a downtown area based on Nana's testimony to find out Tsubasa. Then he immediately finds a wing that plays the piano at the jazz bar, but the wing that Keita calls out suddenly runs away.

As the time limit approached, Keita took a dangerous action to rescue her daughter.

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