The owner who dared to make the 280Z with JDM ghost North America|76 model Nissan Fairlady Z-T S31 Vol.3

It was not enough to replace the parts to build the North American Z. Even if you just put on the 5 mile bumper, you can't put it on without modifying the ribs on the body side.

In the end, it took a lot of work to disassemble all the parts on the body side and rebuild them from the panel. The exterior has been modified, and parts that cannot be seen from the outside have been modified.

 Through the attention to the right steering wheel, various problems have emerged.
I had a hard time with the right side door mirror, which is not on the left handle. In the model year at that time, the driver's side had only a door mirror, so even the car purchased locally did not have a right door mirror.

So, I asked a friend in Japan to make it one-off. Created by taking the mold from the left mirror and inverting the left and right. The mirror part is newly created, and the internal mechanism uses parts from the cappuccino of the mini car.

 The rear lamp cover purposely incorporates a domestic orange lens.
It was a custom that was done among the young people of North America at that time. It's even more surprising that the original North American style, which is not normal, is reproduced as it is.

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The reflector on the rear side is a feature of North American specifications. The turn signal lens also has a reflection function in North American specifications.

Engine room replaced with L28. In the same process as building a racing engine, a normal engine completed by polishing the ports.

Originally, the EGR unit is attached to the left side of the surge tank behind the head cover in domestic specifications, but it does not exist in North American specifications. Eight North American specifications with one more fan blade.

The fuse box cover is of course written in English.

The wheel cover is for 280Z. When the wheel nut positions were fitted together, the valve position of the steel wheel was different from the domestic specifications.

The car for removing parts was the East Coast version, so the East Coast version with the "NON CATALYST" printed on it along with the caution label.

I got the muffler cutter by ordering it from a North American dealer. I couldn't see the heat shield plate that looked around Tyco, so I asked them to send me used parts and polished it.

The license plate attached to the left handle 280Z for removing parts.

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