The Paris Olympics marathon representative will continue the "one shot game" MGC system

Regarding the selection of marathon representatives for the 24th Paris Olympics [Olympic Games], the Japan Federation of Athletic Federations will adjust to a "one-shot" race in which top athletes can win an Olympic ticket, as in the "Marathon Grand Championship" [MGC]. Proceed.

On the 17th, after a video-conferencing-style board meeting, Managing Director Ogata said, “For multiple years from 21 to 23, with transparency and fairness, we will select the next Olympic athlete. We will consider a concrete mechanism such as whether to select two people or one person from now on. "

Until the 16th Rio Olympics, the representatives were selected from multiple selections in the Olympic season, but it changed from the Tokyo Olympics. A player who has cleared the criteria such as record and ranking from three years before the Olympics will proceed to the MGC one year before the actual production, and the top two people of the direct confrontation will be the representative. The method of not being able to survive without having both competitive strength and speed has also led to the strengthening of players such as the Japanese record breaking. "This time it's a local Olympics. It's difficult to do exactly the same way," said the managing director.

○… The extraordinary board of directors decided to maintain the representative rights of the marathon and racewalk that the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic Games] won one year before it was postponed. In addition, Hideki Takahashi was selected for the remaining one frame of the men's 20-kilometer race that had already been selected.

The final round of the Japanese Championship will be canceled, and the selection of the men's 50km race will be held after December. Mr. Asaba strengthened the chairman, saying, “It is a step forward to eliminate the anxiety”.

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