The perfect driving fan│the true value of Lamborghini silhouette

This article isRun your precious classic Lamborghini! │ What is the driving feeling?It is a continuation of.

In the case of silhouettes, I think people around you can enjoy the sound better than drivers in the cockpit. That's right. The moment when you get the driver, it is only a side that provides wonderfully musical and mechanical sound, if not as much as Ferrari, and even a midrange exhaust note closer to a racing car than a road car Only a spectator can enjoy the whole of the V8 sound.

Due to the relatively small displacement, there is no hope of supercar-class acceleration in this V8. But thanks to that, you can enjoy the engine feel without having to shift up to 7000rpm [although you still have 500rpm to red]. If you're not in a hurry, you'll be able to enjoy a drastic linear engine spin-off with ample torque feel.

In the example drive story, the famous story of Rolls-Royce was described in the story of the drive story, when he traveled a long distance with a low traffic outstrada at over 220 km / h and occasionally near 270. Diverted and wrote: "It is a necessary and sufficient grand tourer."

After all, it is concluded that Silhouette is the most sporty character in GT. I felt closer to the Ferrari 308 than to the Italian and American hybrid de Tomazo Panthera, a wilder and more integrated one on the public road than the Ferrari 308. The non-assist steering feel was sharp and extremely direct, and the ride was harder than the 308 and lacked suppleness. As a result, all the bumps on the road are picked up and transmitted to the driver through the steering wheel, like a telegraph.

Occasionally a clear scuttleshake was evident that he did not trust the recent test driver, or that he could not put on his teeth, such as a straightforward journalist in his forties who can not afford a liquid calorie diet. .

Even worse than frequent shaking was that the wide B-pillars and rear glass reflections left blind spots on the right rear, and almost nothing could be seen at the junction with the main road. Another thing I was worried about was that the left wheel arch narrowed the driver's feet. The only way to keep my shoes [12 in the UK] from interfering under the firewall was to drop them off and clutch them. At all, it looks bad.

However, compared to having the chance to drive the amazing silhouette of Copper Orange Metallic on gold wheels, that's all trivial.

At that time, Lamborghini was unable to comply with emissions regulations for imported vehicles in the California market, which severely affected sales in the United States. In the end, only 10 American-made silhouettes were produced. But, like Isrello and others, the forgotten models loved by a small number of geeky Lamborghini fans will now be in the limelight as classic models. It seems to be difficult to find on the market and therefore has no market price, but Richard Head said, "It's probably worth as much as the fiber body of the Ferrari 308GTB [Vetro Regina]."

There is a little more production and the roof is not removed, so I feel that silhouettes are more affordable. Is it around £ 130,000 to £ 150,000?

Still, if you're still skeptical, let's end up re-quoting a part of Mel Nichols' drive story from Car again. "Mont Blanc was spreading in front of me. The setting sun was already low, the sun was quickly sinking, and the air was getting colder. The full heater was warming from my feet to my chest. However, his face was so cold that it was freezing, but it was still a great night, the silhouette was fast and light running up the mountain road, and I never thought that the Pirelli tires would grip so well. No, it was more than a sports car, it was full of power to flatten the approaching corners and bury the lazy truck ladder backwards. How long have you enjoyed it? ”

How much do you price a perfect driving fan?

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