The person who translated the text joke of Suzuki who is caught in "Atsume Animal Forest" into English explains the details


The person who translated the text joke of Suzuki who is caught in "Atsume Animal Forest" into English explains the details

Within 6 weeks of releaseCumulative sales of 13.41 millionBroke throughAtsume Animal ForestAt, you can catch a variety of fish in the sea and rivers. Among them, the person who was in charge of localization of the English version of "Suzuki (sea bass)" that frequently appears reports the details on Twitter.

Even The Guy Who Wrote That Sea Bass Joke In Animal Crossing Is Tired Of It

At Atsuma Animal Crossing, you will be fishing again and again to increase your museum collection and earn money. "Suzuki" is a place where you can fish again and again. If you fish for Suzuki in the Japanese version of Atsume Animal Crossing, the following text will be displayed.

On the other hand, in the English version, the text "Suzuki (sea bass) has been caught! Wait a minute, there is at least C plus!" Is displayed. This text is in the middle because the sea bass can be caught too much when fishing in the seaInternet memeHas becomeThe opinion that I'm tired ofThere is also

Producer of the localization division at NintendoRob HighletExplains in detail the translation process for Suzuki's text on his Twitter.

“When we were in charge of localization for Atsume Animal Crossing, our team was joking and saying,“ We ​​are building a meme for the next 5-10 years. ” We knew it would be popular, but we couldn't expect this much from release to present. ''

“We keep physical distances from each other for security and face-to-face communication with digital tools, but we have never had this time. But Zoom, Twitter and others The platform's design makes this possible, but it's a little different in Animal Forest. ”

“The aesthetics of animal forests are in“ cute. ”People think that even tarantulas are cute in animal forests. Even chairs are cute. But there is something more important than cute. That is“ comfort ”. And it's "Positivity" and "Be a retreat." "

"If you're playing a game, you're probably tired of Suzuki's jokes. I see. I'm tired of Suzuki's jokes. But Suzuki's jokes have secrets." The text was something like "I caught a sea bass! Hmm … maybe it's a C-minus bass …" "

“ When discussing Suzuki's text joke, one of the staff said, 'Every time I couldn't catch a good one (in terms of C-minus) because this joke would be seen by players over and over again. I would be disappointed, ”so I changed this to C-plus to make this expression positive.”

"From the standpoint of the comedy mechanism, the two describe Suzuki in the same joke using the homonyms" sea "and" C ". To be more precise, this works verbally. It's a joke, but it's printed on the screen. ''

"Anyway, I would like to point out that we are doing our best to" make the game as positive, comfortable and entertaining as possible ", down to the smallest details that players may not have thought of. The same is true for development teams as well as departments. ''

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