The phrase in the North Korean language reference book "Let's Speak in Korean" isn't usable at all! "Humanity has lost a legendary hero with the death of Comrade Kim Il Sung"

Standing up, thank you, sitting down, ok, but today's lesson is Korean. The teaching material was published by Pyongyang, a foreign publisher in North Korea in 1995.Let's speak in Korean]. You can learn the basic level of conversational expression.

In the middle "A phrase you never useWill appear, but do not throw out language learning because it is "quantity over quality". Let's start at the speed of Chon Lima. Korean class starts! Mans !!

・ Korean greeting

"Let's speak in Korean"Purchased in Pyongyang in 2012. It consists of two parts, "Basic Conversation" and "Daily Conversation", and starts with a simple greeting. For example, "Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good EveningIs OK with "Annyon Hashimnica". Repeat After Me …

Annyon Hashimnica [Annyon Hashimnica]!


Speak out without being shy. Next is the phrase “celebration”. With the help of example sentences, you can give the best congratulations. "We pray for the great leader Kim Jong Il's longevity"In Korean …

Widehan Ryong Doja Kim Jong Il-Duldon Wimansum Ghanul Samgachugon Hamnida!

・ Expression of emotion

Next is the Korean expression of “emotion”. Let's express the tremendous speed using “Chun Lima”, which runs sensible with wings a day. "It's really the speed of Chon Lima"" Is "Chon Martin Lomasok Immunida". once again……

Chon Martin Lomasok Immunida!

・ At the banquet hall

Okay, so this is the basic part, and from now on, I would like to introduce how to express Korean in each situation. First of all, in the banquet hall, the phrase used when kimchi was deliciousIndeed it is delicious without being rumored. Refreshing, refreshing and savoryI remember.

Yeoksuttton Baderopyolmasimnida @ Sangkehammyeonsodochin hammer sulnemyeohyanggilopsmunida!

・ At the dining room

Next is a phrase that can be used in the cafeteria. Sometimes you want to tell the clerk what you like and dislike and place an order. An example sentence that can be used in such a case is "I do not eat pork. Please give me chicken or pheasant meat" Please say a sentence many times and memorize the whole sentence.

Nanuntejigogirammoksmunida. Takukoginakwonkogirchusipushiyo!

・ Sightseeing in Pyongyang city

By the way, this book is characterized by the fact that “the expressions used when sightseeing in Pyongyang city” are more substantial than other language reference books. To introduce some,Comrade Kim Il Sung was the most outstanding territory of our timeIs …

Kim Il Sung Don Jinun Uri Side

"With the death of Comrade Kim Il Sung, humanity has lost a legendary hero, a great lordIs …

Kim Il Sung Dongjiwisogoroin Ryununcheonsoljeokyoungun, Weidehansulyeonguluirossmunida!

"It's miraculous that Pyongyang was so beautifully and beautifully constructed in a short timeIs …


"Such a miracle can only occur in Korea under the leadership of great leader Kim Jong IlIs …

Ironki Jogun Ojak Wedehanryong Dojakim Jeongildon Jiyeon Dorupannuuncho sonseomanisurusuinununilimnida!

It is important not only to memorize these, but also to tell the other party with feelings. Students who want to improve their skillsKorea Central Television AnnouncerYou should refer to.


And the last page, 43, introduces the phrase used for "departure". In short, it is an expression used when departing from North Korea, so be sure to remember it. "Thank you for your kindness to us during our visit to KoreaIs …

Uriwichosongpanmun [Kwangonwan] Kigantan Sinduriuriruchin Joritehejushindetehayokamsarturimnida!

・ As you review

Ok, today's class is over. The phrases introduced this time are only phrases that can be said to be a classic Korean language, so make sure to review them carefully.

And it is said that Pyongyang City was built brilliantly as a miracle that can occur only in Korea. Please answer the reason. Memorize in Korean!

Report:Masanori Sunako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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