The political situation in Oceania currency in light and dark【Record・column]

*07:30JST political situation in Oceania currency in light and dark【Record・column] Oceania currency is political vary depending on the situation you can. The Australian dollar is the Cabinet support rate plunge to the administration of the anxiety factor,immediate sale seen. In contrast, the NZ dollar is the next General election in a ruling party victory are expected to buy and collect there.

Australia, New Zealand, recent economic indicators are strong indicated, both Central banks to cut rates observed retraction of the Australian dollar, the NZ Dollar buy-back is underway. This is China’s new type of coronavirus infection of expansion, the country’s trade relations with the background,which in turn are sold to or formation on your behalf. Viral infection, the damage expands if, Oceania and the currency is the dollar and against the yen even cheaper is expected.

The Australian dollar if the political risk in that. In Australia last year from a large forest fire damage is serious, but Morrison Prime Minister and his family vacation in Hawaii to enjoy,but when it is discovered. After returning home, recovery support, positive attitude, appeal, and Morrison against the regime of the voters antipathy will not fit. A recent approval rating survey last year 5 months after the inauguration,for the first time the opposition decreased.

Conventional Australian political Affairs if the Prime Minister down of momentum in the blink of an eye to the political wind was blowing in. However, in 2010 after 10 years in power, 4 times of political turmoil the economy of the anxiety and the criticism of inviting you. The ruling party・the Liberal Party of 党則 change,this infighting is avoided that in……. Also,the low approval rating of the regime for 2 years and it Policy Management, etc will cause problems.

On the other hand, New Zealand of the Prime Minister 1 September 28, the General election of 9 November 19 implemented. Own labour in 2017 9 months of the previous election in the 2nd party was, but the 3rd party of NZ Breakfast party with 9 years power back. The Mr. at the age of 37 was appointed as Prime Minister shortly after,in childbirth parental leave to take, such as talking about. Recently, however, housing policy is difficult,approval rating drops are becoming conspicuous.

Both countries the ruling party for criticism is strong that,in Australia Morrison the Prime Minister’s approval rating is the opposition・the Labour Party of Albany Executive leader below, such as the unpopular pick is vivid. However, New Zealand is the leader, the Prime Minister’s approval rating is up to the opposition parties,KMT’s Star Party far below,to run the government is stable. The General election in the combined cannabis legalization right, and a referendum was also carried out for, and tolerate, and also the ruling party’s victory is expected.

Australian dollar & NZ dollar exchange rate also,so was the political situation that reflects the value movement from it. In 2012, 1 Australian dollar=1.38 NZ dollar had been high, and in 2015 1. 00NZ the dollar to the brink of the Australian dollar is falling. National strength differences in parity split is avoided after 1. 05-1. 15 NZ dollars around the credit period. That said, The New Zealand political stability is clear, if the Australian dollar value of the NZ dollar to fall below this place.
[吉池 Wei]

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent. 《SK》

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