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The popularity of anime and family products has skyrocketed. New corona changes to viewing tendency of video streaming

With out-of-home restrictions continuing to support the spread of new coronavirus infections worldwide, video streaming services such as Netflix have become the most popular entertainment. Reelgood, a streaming search engine service, said it surveyed the viewing habits and behavior patterns of more than 4 million users per month. The target period is from January 26th to March 14th and from March 15th to May 2nd, respectively. Generally, it is a style that compares before and after the lockdown by the new Corona. Although anime is gaining popularity from viewers in this way, Forbes in the United States also reports that the order for animation production is rapidly increasing from video streaming. "The client is doubling in animation," said the long-established company of Titmouse, an animation studio that handles "Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures." “They don't know when [live-action] will be available again. Animations take time, but they know it will be complete,” he says. The reason that new productions of Corona are not easily affected by the new Corona is that many of the top studios have invested heavily in the automation of Wakuflo over the last decade. Through online collaboration tools combined with dedicated software for illustrations, animation drawing, coloring and editing, the script has been adjusted so that it can be completed consistently from the script stage to the final cut in the remote work. Is transmitted. Another element that is working for anime is that it has a wealth of talent that can be used as a voice actor …

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