The potency of the height know for a Porsche・Type car Tesla different from a real car

BEV[Battery Electric Vehicle] is about, there are still mountains of issues remain to be addressed. However, it makes it easy to forget most of the game will tell you the Porsche・Type car. This is BEV cars have the inherent performance, and this can reduce CO2 emissions the need for your gasoline engine car to throw BEV on many would be.

【Here】Porsche’s first EV”Thai Country”commercial model announced electric vehicles of the forces transformed from

Porsche・type of maneuver performance, the battery is at a low position to be mounted to the vehicle center of gravity low,back and forth, such as engine weight, because the center of gravity from the weight of distance is not. That is, the rotational moment is small, the Traverse of the ground resistance to advantage. This is a sports car as a high level of basic performance as this,a Porsche with.

Nissan・Leaf as well, but BEV is the motor is 1 Revolution from the maximum torque when the characteristics of a subtle adjustment you can respond to a skid control the most delicate can respond. Control systems of many modern cars, this is a advantageous thing.

Platform and suspension system, and a mistake must,BEV is a gasoline engine car that outshines the maneuverability and control of them is the flexibility to have the possibility. BEV is a greater possibility to feel Daily.

In 2020 the launch of the refrain from around the country Test-Ride event held by the Porsche・Type car, but what kind of driving situations but also the potential capacity for petrol cars surpassed that this month. In particular, the motor’s low speed torque to ride around the city and Parking, such as the practical situations in operation and control and aspects from development and automated driving such as would be advantageous.

Currently, BEV’s neck by performance and speaking, 1 charging the highest range, the WLTP Mode best 463km that is expected of a Porsche・Type car in now, I have to say. 800V high as the system voltage is realized the charge time is unreasonable they have provided.

Porsche of the technology believe that in the future,charging and maintenance in terms of issues that should be considered or not.

Porsche・Type car 4S 4WD in the snow of the drivability control, such as the gasoline engine car of the mechanical control 4WD can be delicate to have. Handling these highly developed expectation to try.

Motor weight saving technology development is also advancing. The all-solid battery which are expected to be commercialized now,hurry to buy need not feel, although it is on automatic operation and sharing service, such as by the dissemination of their driving and off-road performance, you can enjoy new. However, some”sports”taste of the left want them to do. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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