The power semiconductor market and about 4 trillion yen to the SiC-mounted in-vehicle inverter, etc., accelerated development

Fuji economy in 2020 is 6 months according to research published in 2019, 2 trillion 9141 billion was the world power semiconductor market by the year 2030, 4 trillion 2652 billion and is expected to reach to. The focus is on SiC(silicon carbide)or GaN(gallium nitride), silicon oxide, gallium-based materials, such as for next-generation power semiconductors only.

The power semiconductor of the entire market, still existing Si(Silicon)of a power semiconductor is 90% or more of the share accounted for, the next-generation power semiconductors steady expansion continues,by 2030, the 2019 of 455 billion yen from approximately 6. 2 times 2831 billion yen to inflate predicted.

And Si power semiconductors, compared to the switching loss and the conduction loss is small, the temperature change as a strong advantage from a dramatic loss, it is possible to realize a SiC power semiconductor, the electric car’s onboard charger and DC/DC Converter mainly around 2018 from the adoption proceeding, and Fuji Economic Survey in 2030 to 2019, the ratio is 4 times stronger and not 2009 billion yen of growth expects. Information and communication equipment sector, strong and GaN power semiconductors also a steady demand to expand, and SiC as compared to the market size is still small,next-generation power semiconductor market, the SiC power semiconductors leading the would no doubt.

Meanwhile, the SiC power semiconductor market will further accelerate the events are announced.

Chinese EV powertrain of the leading companies in Leadrive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter, LEADRIVE), and SiC power devices of the world’s leading source of Japan’s Rohm Co., Ltd. (Rohm), China(Shanghai)Free Trade Zone test area LINGANG New Area, the”SiC technology joint laboratory”was established for. 6 May 9 unveiling is carried out, the two companies in the future, the Institute, the SiC center, with innovative power solutions to go.

LEADRIVE is,xEV and other new energy automotive power module and motor ・ inverters provide high-tech companies. New energy, power conversion,power electronics 3 areas of focus,more than 100 international patents to obtain such high international technology holding. Actually, Chrome is in 2017 when it was founded from the cooperation, and this joint laboratory is its ties and further deepen that well.

Chrome is also in recent years, more and more of the growth is expected to xEV applications with SiC to popularize, the vehicle-mounted power module and an inverter on a strong LEADRIVE and collaboration by SiC and research is in-depth would.

Unveiling on stage LEADRIVE of Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of accounting is to sink The Express(Dr.)said”SiC chip with SiC power modules, adoption of new energy automotive field in the next few years within the industry of trend to. The whole world, gather resources to accelerate the research and development and in the Mature SiC with product commercialization can be realized if automotive Tier 1 manufacturers and a very strong competitive edge ensure that,”he said, and the joint laboratory to the strong desire to watch it.

SiC power modules the adoption of xEV and other new energy automobiles in advance, the semiconductor industry, Japanese automotive industry as a whole is also a big tailwind and going. Hope for future development. (Editor in charge:Imai, Shintaro)

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