The prestigious elementary school that introduced iPad to all students, the school is also surprised "improving the quality of learning"

In response to Prime Minister Abe's statement that “one computer per person is natural at school,” it seems that the introduction of IT equipment and ICT education at schools is likely to progress rapidly. Prior to such a situation, in 2018, there was an elementary school that introduced iPads to every school student one by one and used them in almost all classes. It seems that the students were able to see the effects that the school did not expect, such as seeing students deepen their learning through the iPad.

  • Before compulsory programming education in 2020, we interviewed an elementary school that introduced an iPad for each student and had a remarkable effect.

Introduce iPad at its own expense from the second semester of second graders

This time we interviewed Senzoku Gakuen Elementary School in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a private elementary school known as an advanced school. We asked Ayako Akao, Vice President of the school.

  • Senzoku Gakuen Elementary School 5th Grade Class

The school considered introducing a tablet in 2016. The biggest reason for considering the introduction of tablets was that the amount of textbooks and notebooks that we carry with us increased every day, reducing the burden on students traveling from a distance. There are many curriculums only for the advance school, and it seems that the teacher's merit is that if the tablet is introduced, classes can be advanced smartly.

As a result of the study, in September 2016, 45 iPad Pros were first introduced on the school side, making them available to all school students. The reason I decided to use an iPad among tablets is that it can be handled easily without looking at the manuals. I wanted to prevent teachers and students from spending valuable time learning the devices and apps.

About one year after its introduction, it was decided that it could be used as expected, so it was decided to officially introduce it in April 2018. When the new third grader at that time advanced to April, iPad Pro was prepared at his own expense. I chose the iPad Pro because I wanted to use the Apple Pencil [the Apple Pencil was originally used by the school, and later changed to private ownership with the iPad Pro]. It seems to have evaluated the point that the trouble of inputting characters with the keyboard can be saved.

  • The iPad Pro that supports Apple Pencil is used in the class. The fifth graders who interviewed this time are using the school-owned iPad Pro for the school year before the iPad purchase started at their own expense. In the new semester when junior students have a shiny iPad, the voice of “I envy” seems to rise

By the way, at first we thought that the introduction of iPad should only be in the third grade, but at the time of third grade it was judged that it was best that the student could use the iPad perfectly, so the use of the iPad started To accelerate the second semester from the second semester. In September 2018, it began to be introduced to second graders. Although the school has moved ahead with the introduction of the iPad, it seems that the iPad is only used several times a week because of the idea of ​​getting used to paper notes and textbooks in the first grade.

The effect of introducing iPad is more than expected

The introduced iPad is used in almost all classes such as Japanese language, arithmetic, science, and society. Since the text is digitized and recorded on the iPad, it is essential for the class. The only class I don't use is kanji. This is because the emphasis is on drawing paper dictionaries and making them write in notebooks with a pencil.

  • What was being done in a social class was to make an original karuta using people such as historical greats. At first glance it seems to be a Japanese language class, but it is said that it is a content that expects many great questions to be asked in the junior high school entrance examination

  • A student looking for images with the familiar “Irusutoya” using Split View with a iPad that displays two screens in Safari. Business people are also using deep blue

An unexpected effect was that students began to learn from each other through the iPad. When there is a student doing something unusual, he says that he has started to share knowledge among students by asking "How can I do that?" There are also cases where advancing students write tips directly on the iPads of students who are in trouble. “If you're using a paper notebook, don't hesitate to write on someone else's notebook without permission. That's an unexpected benefit you've noticed since the iPad was introduced," says Akao.

  • I often saw scenes where students gave advice and taught operations.

By the way, the Apple app called “Classroom” has been introduced to the teachers and students 'iPads used in class, and the screens displayed on the students' iPads can be checked on the teacher's iPad and MacBook. I was able to list the students' iPad screens as thumbnails, and I was surprised that the screens were updated in real time. I was able to find a student who was not doing well, and quickly helped them with advice.

  • A classroom app running on the iPad for teachers. The lower half shows the student's iPad screen list, which shows what is going on, even though it is small. You can also see a warning reminding you of the remaining battery power

  • Classroom apps also work on MacBook

What surprised me as an unexpected usage was that I used iPad in physical education classes. Installed iPad on the ground and gymnasium to run the free application “Hanamaru Form” to play back videos taken with the iPad camera in a delayed manner so that you can objectively check your movements, such as athletics running forms and mat movement . We ’ve devised a way for students who have finished the competition to play their videos when they reach the iPad.

  • IPad for running form confirmation that introduced "Hanamaru Form". If installed in this way, the recorded video is played back with a certain delay.

  • When a student who hurdles from the back reaches the iPad, the scene of the start of the run is played, and his form can be objectively confirmed

Efforts to prevent the teacher's burden from increasing

The school side considered the introduction of the iPad so as not to increase the burden on the teacher.

Teachers have large differences in IT skills such as handling and knowledge of computers, and when trouble occurs, there are many cases where the burden is biased only to teachers familiar with computers. In order to avoid such a situation, when problems occur with the iPad or Wi-Fi access point installed in the school, it seems to contact external specialists and the department in charge in the school to handle the problem . It seems that the policy is to get the busy teacher's time to concentrate on the class without taking time to solve the problem.

Although the teacher himself is busy, he has a willingness to improve his IT skills and voluntarily holds a study group called “ICT Cafe” where volunteers gather about once a month. Recently, he talked about the new “iPadOS 13”, which was renewed in the fall and became a new version.

IPad is also active outside of programming education

In 2020, programming education may become compulsory at elementary schools, and the introduction of IT equipment to schools tends to be aimed at learning programming. However, at Senzoku Gakuen, it was found that the introduction of iPad has improved the quality of student learning, and the teacher's courses have become smoother.

The latest iPad [2019 model] that supports Apple Pencil not only supports Apple Pencil but also Smart Keyboard, but also reduces the price to 34,800 yen [excluding tax]. I feel that it is finished in the target product. As an information terminal that has an effect other than programming, in 2020, you may see the iPad playing an active role in many schools.

Expanded "Today at Apple" free programming course at Apple Store

To commemorate the "Computer Science Education Week" from December 9th to 15th, free Apple programming sessions at various Apple storesToday at Apple"Has been expanded. There will also be block-based programming courses using robots and creative lessons for preschoolers. In the coming 2020, programming education may become compulsory at elementary schools, so if you are interested in ICT education, you may want to participate with your children.

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