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The product that I was looking forward to at the canceled “CP +”

Unfortunately, CP + 2020 has been canceled due to the new coronavirus. Considering the social situation, it is a bad idea, and I think that the organizer's decision was courageous. Here, if CP + 2020 was held, I would like to briefly write what I was focusing on as a camera writer.

  • Unfortunately, this year's camera exhibition "CP +" has been canceled. Many products were to be displayed from each manufacturer, but what was our Photographer focusing on?

"EOS R5" with EOS tradition & latest operability wanted to see the real thing

Personally, I think Canon's full-size mirrorless "EOS R5" has become the hottest product. Probably, it seems that the exhibition was a mock model at CP +, but I still wanted to see it live at the venue. That's also the back of the camera [laughs]. Already, you can see the back of the camera with the GIF animation uploaded on the company's website, but I wanted to directly confirm with my own eyes that the sub electronic dial and multi-controller were provided.

  • High-performance full-size mirrorless "EOS R5" for professionals, which Canon announced development. Was to be unveiled for the first time on CP +

  • The state of the back that can be confirmed by the animation displayed on the special site of EOS R5. It can be seen that EOS traditional sub electronic dial and multi-controller [joystick], which is a trend of interchangeable lens cameras these days, are installed.

For those who have been using SLR EOS even in the film era, I felt that the electronic sub-dial was a control element of the mast. Exposure compensation can be performed quickly and intuitively. Furthermore, in the case of mirrorless, where the exposure status can be grasped in real time with EVF, the frequency of performing exposure compensation has increased dramatically, and we believe that this sub electronic dial is indispensable for mirrorless EOS.

Also, the installation of a multi-controller is now essential. With the mirrorless camera, focus accuracy has improved dramatically. To take full advantage of its high performance, it is necessary to accurately select the focus area that overlaps the subject.

Canon's full-size mirrorless EOS is currently available in two models, the "EOS R" and the "EOS RP", but unfortunately neither uses the Quick Control Dial or multi-controller. With that in mind, I feel strongly about the company's seriousness with this EOS R5.

In addition, the type of media is unknown at this time, but the card slot is double and it has a sensor shift type image stabilization mechanism. At last, I felt that I was finished with the full-size mirrorless EOS I had envisioned, and it was one of the hottest cars I wanted to see at the venue.

I was expecting the "X-T4" that should have appeared the day before CP +

The second is Fujifilm's APS-C mirrorless "X-T4". Currently, we are using the "X-T3" as the main unit at work, so I was looking forward to seeing it on CP + 2020.

  • Fujifilm announces the development of the high performance mirrorless "X-T4". A countdown is taking place on the official website, and it seems that the official announcement will be made on February 26. Oura photographer was watching if the equipment and operability would be improved from the current model "X-T3" [photo]

According to reports, the camera will be equipped with a sensor shift type image stabilization mechanism, and the LCD monitor will be a vari-angle type. Therefore, I wanted to check how the size of the body is changing.

Also, the position of the exposure compensation dial that could be easily operated with one thumb on the right hand up to “ X-T2 '' has become a very inconvenient position on the X-T3, but how about it on the X-T4? I just wanted to know what it was.

It is a little extra, but I think that it is more user-friendly to be able to operate the exposure compensation dial promptly in a mirrorless system where the exposure status can be checked in real time on an EVF or LCD monitor. I have little hope that the X-T4 has the same exposure compensation dial position as the X-T2, but I just wanted to check it with my own eyes, like the EOS R5.

The surprise of finding a new product in a surprise has disappeared

At CP +, in addition to cameras and interchangeable lenses that have been announced in advance, new products may be suddenly announced without any prior notice, or new products that are displayed quietly [?] May occasionally appear. I was looking forward to meeting such a surprise, but unfortunately this has not been realized this year.

Also, in addition to cameras and interchangeable lenses, it is a real pleasure of CP + to be able to actually check accessories such as camera bags by hand, and to be honest, it is a shame that I can not do it.

  • Exhibition of camera accessories at CP +. Surprisingly few places usually touch the product while listening to the person in charge, and many people say that "seeing accessories is the real pleasure of CP +".

CP + 2020 has been canceled, but some photographers and photographers seem to be using YouTube to recreate the stage they were originally planning to perform on the Internet. Also, if the situation improves in the future, some manufacturers may plan touch and try events to replace CP +. We recommend that you keep an eye on the movement of the camera industry based on information transmitted on the Internet.

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