The ramen demon, Minoru Sano's wife, “Like” episodes just before his death, “Reason for banning private shops”, “Graduation of Ramen Museum”, etc.

“I recommend ramen shops to recommend delicious ramen shops” —the first time of such a powerful project,I told you last time that I visited the famous store “Suna Soba”Street.

By the way, what kind of face did Minoru Sano, who was the founder of “Suna Soba and” called “Ramen Demon”? When I talked to Mr. Shiano Sano, representative of “Suna Soba” with my wife, he also told me about “the episode that is unique to Sano” and the background of the legendary “non-private rules”.

・ Sano Minoru “Ramen is not guilty”

Minoru Sano who passed away in 2014 despite being regretted, but now his wife Shiori is the representative of “Suna Sobaya” and continues to protect the taste produced by legends in the ramen world.

I've visited such “Suna Soba” beforeCovered “Nakumitsu Yakumo”Because the store owner named the store as a “respecting store”.

── This time I went to the head office for the first time with “Recommendation” by the owner of Mayuka Umezawa, “Yakumo Noodles”.

“Thanks” to Mayuka who loves Sano and ramen made by Sano.

──By the way, are there any shops that can be called “Ramen shops loved by Minoru Sano”?

“Sano was a hobby of ramen, so if he had time, he often went to eat ramen with“ shinobi ”, but he did n’t go to a particular store.

──If you know that Sano-san is coming to the store, the ramen shop owner seems to be surprised.

“I wear a hat deeply and go to eat so that I do n’t get caught, but when I notice it, when I leave the store, the owner often rushes to me and asks“ Taste, how was it !? ” There was [laughs] "

──In that case, Sano-san, can you give your frank opinions?

“No.” [I usually do not evaluate the taste of people's shops ~] I always said, “It was delicious,” but I always went home. Even without.“Even if it's not good, ramen is innocent. I always said. "

“Ramen is innocent. Sin is the skill of the owner” —————————————————————————————–


・ Legend Sano legend "Do not use private language in the store" "Do not use lotus root" "Ramen until just before death"

Mr. Sano is known as a person who doesn't compromise ramen, but I asked him about the truth of the “legend” that is truly spoken.

──Speaking of Mr. Sano, “The inside of the store is strictly forbidden in private language”. Is it true?

“It seems like it was when we had a head office in Fujisawa, Kanagawa.”

──Why is that rule again?

"I didn't like how to eat ramen that I made desperately with salt, but it was a selfish story. Sano was originally a chef in the world of Western food. But in French and Italian stores, customers dress up and eat politely and quietly?

From Sano, I had the pride that I was serving the same level of dishes as those restaurants, so I was asking customers for a corresponding attitude. Instead, Sano was nervous and stood in the kitchen. Because your taste will be judged.

Even so, if you put out ramen, the customer sipped the ramen while reading the newspaper, smoking a cigarette, calling on the phone … This was a shock and I couldn't forgive it. That's why I temporarily banned private language and phone calls. ''

──If you listen to it like that, you will be able to convince the “private language prohibition rule”.

“Since then, the food culture of ramen has matured and the manners of customers have improved considerably over time.”

──Mr. Sano suggested that you shouldn't use noodles to squeeze noodles. really?

“That is also true. I made noodles so that it was the best way to eat noodles, and it was professed that it was my way of eating. I wasn't forced to do so. ''

── Mr. Sano died five years ago. Did you eat ramen at the end?

“One week before my death was my birthday, but a lot of disciples rushed to me. “… So, can you eat ramen?” I said.

However, Sano at that time was in full condition to drink 20cc of water a day, so I rejected “Ramen can't be eaten as expected!”. Then Sano “… what is it, then everyone can go home !!” [Laughs]

──Looks like Sano [laughs]

“ It was my birthday and I wanted to eat it too much, so if I made my apprentice ramen made in the hospital room diluted with hot water and let it eat “It ’s thin. Are you going to a store like this?” [Laughs] Even though I complained, I managed to eat 5-6 bottles and was satisfied. "

──What other than ramen, what are your interests and interests …

“Nothing! [Laughs] Anyway, people who are full of ramen. My hobbies and work are ramen, but I didn't have the awareness of doing ramen shops as a business.”

──What kind of personality did you usually have?

“It ’s a brilliant face. Pure. Ochame. When you find good ingredients, it ’s a person that sparkles and shows the expression“ I found this! ”

・ The taste of Minoru Sano, the future of “China soba”

The story extends to the essence of the ramen that Minoru Sano aimed at, and the future of “Suna Soba”, which reached a milestone.

── Recent ramen is diversified and has a unique taste. Boiled, shellfish, shrimp, duck … If you were Mr. Sano, how would you see such a situation?

“Sano was respectful of the taste of other stores, no matter how it tastes. 〇〇 does n’t have the idea of ​​an evil road. But what Sano himself was aiming for “Taste that doesn't make any material stand out” was. I wanted to make one “circle” with all sorts of ingredients.

SoPeople who ate "Suna soya" ramen should think "What's in it?"But that is exactly what Sano was aiming for. Sano's ideal was to combine various flavors into one. "

People who ate "Suna soya" ramen should think "What's in it?" … When I heard this, I boiled my chest. I ate at the main store,That exquisite soup that is hard to explainWas such a design [good, good].

The taste of “Suna Soba” can be easily eaten anytime at the “Ramen Museum” in Shin-Yokohama.

── “China Sobaya” graduated from the “Ramen Museum” on December 1st. Speaking of “Ra Expo”, I think that it was a signboard store that was not an exaggeration to say “Chinese soba” …!?

“I've been opening a store at Ra-Haku for a long time, but I decided to graduate because I had a“ one milestone ”of 20 years.”

──It was an unusual long runner at the “Ra Expo”, where the turnover was intense. Is the taste of “China soba” only available at the main store?

“No, in fact, we are currently preparing for the opening of a new store. However, opening a new store is something that should be done carefully and carefully to find a marriage partner once in a lifetime. Location and store structure I think that we will be able to report as soon as we have a good encounter.

・ What is the ramen shop suggested by the next notice “Suna Sobaya”?

When Mr. Sano was alive, Mr. Shiina Sano, the representative of “Suna Soba”, who worked together 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The reason is that all meals were the same, and the reason was “To have the same tongue feeling as Sano” Say. What's the ramen shop Mrs. Shiori recommends now?

“It ’s a store in the same Kanagawa prefecture called“ 000.00 ”.The first time I ate Wontanmen over there, I was impressed with “Wow!The depth and sharpness of the soup. I love soy sauce. It was delicious anyway! "

What is the store recommended by the famous store “Suna Sobaya”? Look forward to the next time.


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