The real estate market, investors of a 7% greater future investment prices fall”,”9 cracked

J-REIT property price index and housing in the middle of 2009, from office to commercial land, in 13 the second half of the price index is consistently rising trend. Its background is of course Olympics, the associated infrastructure,labor shortages and labor costs soaring due to the shortage of materials and rising prices can be seen. Conference of the foreign investors from gaining attention, or 16 years from negative interest rates by the General investors of real estate investment entrants, and to the wider like.

This redevelopment boom with the real estate investment boom is not a bubble and I would like to point out that there was an Olympic opportunity for inbound demand, such as to spread to be considered and not necessarily in a bubble is not refuted again,this real estate market is in an upward trend remained. However, the new Corona Effect of the Olympics in the postponement of a decision such as decline factors came out. The next corona is the impact of the Olympic and inbound demand will evaporate if the bubble has burst I know,investors, prospects like you………. why.

Comprehensive real estate services JLL has 4 late,domestic and foreign investors to the subject”new coronavirus by real estate impact on the market”about the survey conducted on the 26th, the report is made public.

According to reports,investors of approximately 75%is actively and in real estate investing idea. To invest in different regions, and multiple answers, the 5 wards is 16. 5% Tokyo 23 wards is 14. 3%,the Metropolitan area throughout 14. 7%and about 5% of the investors capital investment in the first and answers about. Outside the Metropolitan area in Fukuoka 11. 7%,Osaka City District 3 11. 1%, and the Nagoya area is 10. 5%, etc. in the order of,the four major urban areas to provincial cities their willingness to invest even higher.

Sectoral in office for the entire 22. 6%accounted for the top. Rental housing the whole of 22. 3%and office and the same degree of interest. It is noteworthy that the distribution is 17%in commercial facilities 9. 8%above that. In the background, the new Corona Effect of the necessities of the increased demand these to.

Get a price level of about”5%or more to fall”and answers for investors about 9 percent,the new Corona Effect of the fall in prices leads to constant price adjustment is expected to investors are many,”the price adjustment if there is new investment to actively do”and the answer is also 67. 2%exists.

New Corona under the influence of this Olympic demand in anticipation of movement and different movements to be seen, but the continued willingness to invest is high. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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