The red zone of the tachometer is over 9500rpm! Water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder DOHC | Honda S600 2

High-speed engine with two wheels

1965 Honda S600 [AS285]

ス ポ ー ツ The basic design of the S Series has not changed since the Sport 500 was unveiled at the Motor Show in 1962.

ス Styling that incorporates gentle curves while reminiscent of a British open car. It is home to the beauty of Japan.

エ ン ジ ン The engine system that incorporated a four-unit carburetor into the water-cooled in-line four-cylinder DOHC provided the stylish body with light running. Equal-length exhaust manifolds were adopted, and even the seasoning to bring out the best power was done.

Needless to say, the accumulation of technical skills up to that point, such as winning the Isle of Man TT race on motorcycles, has greatly contributed to the entry into four wheels. Making it reminiscent of two wheels was Honda-like.

レ ッ ド The tachometer has a red zone of 9500 rpm or higher, and is a high-speed engine with two wheels. And many distinctive features, such as a unique rear drive system, further attract fans.

You can see the chain mechanism for driving the rear. It contributes to securing space such as a trunk room.

Side emblem is a distinctive cursive type

Manufacture of the steering was entrusted to the tennis racket manufacturer Futabaya racket at the time.

A simple cockpit. Looking at the red zone of the tachometer, you can see that the scale is cut down to the high rotation range of 11000 rpm.

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