The renaming project to change the name of the Wikimedia Foundation to "Wikipedia" meets the fierce opposition of the community

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The renaming project to change the name of the Wikimedia Foundation to "Wikipedia" meets the fierce opposition of the community

by Noj Han

Operates the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" (Wikipedia)Wikimedia FoundationHowever, because of the fact that the name Wikimedia is not well known, we are working on a project to give the world-famous name "Wikipedia" to the foundation and the movement of the foundation. In response, volunteer community members who have supported Wikipedia for 20 years raised their opposition and created an open letter calling for the project to stop.

Community open letter on renaming-Meta

The Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that runs Wikipedia, published an article in January 2020, "Should the Wikimedia Foundation be called Wikipedia?"Asked for comment.. Wikimedia will discuss the future of the Foundation and the strategy of what it aims to achieve.Wikimedia 2030", we are considering rebranding, and changing the name was mentioned as one of the strategies.

According to the Wikimedia Foundation, although the name Wikimedia was given in 2003, it is still unrecognized after 17 years. With the name Wikimedia, we can not tell what the Foundation is and the impact of our activities, and we are struggling to gather people, so we are calling the globally recognized name Wikipedia itself. It was suggested to use it in a project conducted by the Foundation.

Communications/Wikimedia brands/2030 movement brand project-Meta

However, on June 23, 2020, volunteers created a page called "Open Letter regarding Renaming" requesting suspension of the rename project.

Community open letter on renaming-Meta

The outline written on this page is as follows.

"Volunteers have built Wikipedia's reputation as an independent, community-driven resource for over 20 years. Include WikipediaWikimedia movementProject is thriving on the mechanism of public consent and decentralization. A clear distinction between the Wikimedia Foundation, its stakeholders, and individual contributors is essential. Changes that affect this balanceInformed consentAnd need cooperation with the community. Despite the widespread dissatisfaction within the community, I'm concerned about the use of the name Wikipedia for organizations and movements.''

In the open letter, renaming the following two points is high risk.

• There is no clear link between the name change and the benefit obtained, and the cost is too high for the unproven benefit.
-Renaming affects community cohesion and participation.

It is also pointed out that there are problems in the decision-making process in the following three points.

• The Wikimedia Foundation's uncertain assumptions led to a lack of credibility in the branding process.
-In particular, during the community review conducted in August 2019, the legitimacy and assumptions of the process such as feedback and evaluation were questioned.
• The Foundation ignored the opinions of the Wikimedia community, despite the indications that the process was flawed.

The open letter has a signature section, and signatures have been gathered from community members and stakeholders one after another since June 23, when the article was published.

Community open letter on renaming-Meta

In addition, romwell, who is actually a member of the community, said on the technology bulletin board Hacker News that "Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is valuable as a source of knowledge, and according to standards and formats that other Wikimedia projects do not follow. "Wikipedia articles" is an encyclopedia article, not news, books, photos, data sets, dictionaries, or Wikimedia projects. Making Wikipedia an all-inclusive brand , It simply kills the brand itself."(email protected)It was sent to.

They are accepting comments at (email protected) Here is what I sent t… | Hacker News

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