The result of asking five experts "Is watching pornography bad for the mind and body?" is open to the public


The result of asking five experts "Is watching pornography bad for the mind and body?" is open to the public

While a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is rampant and many people are worried about their health, access to pornographic sites on the InternetSudden increaseDid. When the academic news site The Conversation spoke to five experts about the relationship between adult content browsing and physical and mental health, the results were divided into two.

Is watching porn bad for your health? We asked 5 experts

Liam Petterson, assistant editor of health and medical articles at The Conversation, asked five Australian doctors and professionals the question, "Is viewing pornography bad for your health?" However, 3 people answered "yes" and 2 people answered "no". Below are the details of the experts' answers.

◆1: Megan Lim, who is studying public health at the Burnet Institute, "Yes"

According to Lim, several studies to date have found a link between pornographic browsing and mental health issues and gender-based violence. However, targeting young peopleAnother studyIt seems that many of the harmful effects of pornography can be alleviated if proper education about sex and relationships is provided.

On top of that, Lim is concerned that porn content is often traditional.Sex roleIt also includes content to support gender inequality.

Lim said, "Most young people are said to have come into contact with porn before they actually had sexual experience, and porn has become an important element of sexual development. It depicts women as obedient as the dominant one. The gender inequality seen in pornography reflects the inequality in society." I showed the view.

◆ 2: Meredith Temple Smith, Professor of General Medicine, University of Melbourne “Yes”

"It's difficult to show a clear causal link between pornography use and health," Temple Smith said, "there is little evidence of good health, but evidence of harm." With that in mind, watching pornography is bad for your health."

People with limited access to information about sex, such as adolescent minorities, show that pornography can be used properly as part of education, according to Temple Smith.research resultThere is. On the other hand, Temple Smith points out that pornography for inexperienced heterosexual youth has unrealistic expectations of partners.

In addition, Temple Smith pointed out that pornographic actors could also be exposed to sexually transmitted infections and sexual coercion, saying, "Both the people who produce pornography and the people who use it suffer the health hazards of pornography." We need measures that can be minimized."

◆ 3: Michael Flood, Associate Professor of Sociology, Queensland Institute of Technology "Yes"

Flood said, "Sex is great, but pornography has a negative impact on relationships and sexual life," and summarized the reasons for this in three ways:

• Studies have shown that pornography promotes sex discrimination, reduces egalitarianism and increases discriminatory behaviour.
Men who use porn have less sexual satisfaction and relationships, and women whose partners use porn have less intimacy.Sexual targeting, Complaining of physical shame and sexual coercion.
• The use of porn is associated with aggressive behaviour, including sexual violence and sexual harassment.

With this in mind, Brand said, "Pornography has a sexually unhealthy influence, whether youth or a mature adult."

◆ 4: Andrea Welling, a social scientist at Latrobe University “No”

“Pornography helps couples create an open environment, promotes intimacy, and gives sexual confidence to help a sexual minority build a positive community. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety by helping masturbate and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.LowerThere is also a physical effect.” He said that there are benefits depending on how pornography is used.

Welling also says that the unrealistic expectations that pornography brings are the reduction of satisfaction in human relationships,Body imageIt is admitted that it may cause an eating disorder due to the problem of.

“Mental health problems with porn may be due to prejudice about watching porn rather than porn itself, which means that watching porn is a direct cause of depression and anxiety. It's not the cause, but the fact that pornography may be used as a way to deal with depression and the like."

◆5: Chris Rissell, senior researcher at Flinders University School of Medicine “No”

According to Rissell, targeting about 20,000 Australians aged 16-69the studyAs a result, it was found that 62% of men and 20% of women used pornography in the past year. Also in 2014 focusing on health and relationshipsInvestigationFound that 72% of Australian men and 42% of women masturbated at least once in 2013.

While many Australians use porn, only about 4% of men and about 1% of women say they are addicted to porn. It is said that only half of the respondents answered "I am giving".

Based on the results of these studies, Lissel said, “The causal relationship that vulgar or violent pornography causes violence against women has not been proven, but men who are originally aggressive or violent It's possible that you're choosing the sort of pornography."

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