The result of eating "Frozen hamburger" in France → I did not know why it would not spread in Japan, so I asked a professional opinion

French frozen food counterThe scale is amazing. No, if you ask a Frenchman, on the contrary, it may be that "Japan is shobo". The prices are reasonable, and there are many dishes you haven't seen before. When frozen foods are lined up on a Japanese dining table, they have the image of a slight “handicap”, but things may seem like an idea.

… However, it is difficult to reach for unfamiliar frozen foods such as canapes and quiches. After all, I was on a trip to Paris, where I was eating only ordinary frozen pizza. I found a “very familiar dish” of frozen food,I looked twice involuntarily.

so,HamburgerIt is.

・ Frozen burger

Hamburgers themselves are not uncommon in Japan. However"Hamburger of frozen food"Then, I feel like I have never seen it …

In the first place, frozen bread is rarely seen in Japan. Bread is sometimes frozen, but the time required to heat the bread in the microwave is very short.Hazard that the heating time with the ingredients greatly shiftsBut what is the problem?

・ I bought it for now

A frozen hamburger [to be exact, a cheeseburger] costs 5.29 euros [approximately 644 yen] for two.Approximately 322 yen per oneThen, to be honest, there is not much value.

However, in light of the fact that it is one size larger than the standard size in Japan, and that fast food in Europe is slightly higher than in Japan, may it be slightly cheaper than eating in a shop? Price setting such as.

It is a system that puts it in a range while keeping it in a sealed bag.

I dared to take one out of the bag and disassemble it. Cheese and sauce are rare compared to frosty and frosty patties. Surprisingly, some of the sauces also contain “pickles” that are usually eaten raw. And the buns are dry.

The ingredients in different states are heated at the same time and at the same temperature, and they seem to be persistent, but are they really OK?

・ 3 minutes heating

In any case, heating at 850 watts for 2 minutes and 50 seconds as shown. The nylon bag that wraps the burger was shattered, but kept in a vacuum without breaking.

Break the bag … the fragrance of trotlo cheese and fluffy buns fills the room in an instant!味 For the taste …

10 times better than expected !!!!

・ I heard the opinions of experts

Frozen hamburgers aren't the best in history. However, it is as good as, or slightly better than, hamburgers in common chain stores.

If you can eat hamburgers at the same level as a chain store while at home, and at the same price range …Completely frozen hamburger victoryThat's a good thing.

So what a wonderful thing,Why aren't they seen in Japan?

I thought about it, but I couldn't understand even a millimeter, so a frozen food researcherLentin HaradaI decided to ask my opinion. If you're a frozen food professional, you're probably very familiar with that!

Lentin Harada"Yes. Well, I think frozen food hamburgers are rarely seen in Japan because of differences in food culture. Japan is rice. Rather than stocking hamburgers in a freezer, rice-based food such as fried rice or hamburgers. Do you feel like you are going to buy it?

Is it also related to the enhancement of fast food restaurants? In Japan, it is not difficult to eat delicious hamburgers in the neighborhood if it is prosperous to some extent. With such an environment, you don't have to bother to freeze the hamburger … duck is likely to flow. "

・ Did not surmise

Even frozen food professionals could not give a clear answer"Frozen hamburgers are not popular in Japan". I gave up any further considerations as meaningless, and I decided to taste the hamburger without heart.

Frozen hamburger patties are wilder and more meaty than any of the patties I have ever eaten. And cheese that is so thick that your breath smells like cheese. Small pickles are also showing their presence.

Despite the differences in taste, frozen hamburgers were hamburgers that were hamburgers with all their spirits so that they wanted to shout "This is a hamburger!" If you could taste this taste at home …!て Overcoming cultural differencesI want to wait for the day to break in Japan.

Report:Ikuna Kamezawa

Photo: RocketNews24.

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