The rich constitution shifts from "things" to "koto" consumption

Can a person who is only saving become a mature person?
We have been raised since we were children when we were asked to save money if we received extra money. And I don't think I had any doubts when I was a child.

However, you live in a different era from your parents in the first place, so you need to doubt at least once what your parents have said.

Ahead of eating out, make lunch and eat at work. Refrain from traveling. Rent books at the library without buying them. If you only repeat the round trip between home and company every day, you will earn more and more money. Of course, there are times when such a period is necessary. I also had that time.

But if that kind of life continues in the future, will that person's life be fulfilling? Will relationships expand and become mature? Will you be a rich person with a variety of experiences? It's a bit radical, but if you just live, it's no different from animals.

Savings will certainly give you peace of mind. But in exchange for that peace of mind, I want to be a little more sensitive that I may be missing out on “the opportunity to expand my world”.

◆ Spend money from "things" to "things"
I believe that what we need in the future is to invest in things rather than in things.

For example, the same program is shown on both large and small TVs. Also, no matter how many shoes you have, there are only two feet, so you can only wear one at a time.

Anyone can get "things" by paying money, and basically everyone can use the same utility.

However, "things" or "experiences" can get more utility than they paid. Experience is linked to knowledge, information and other experiences, triggers chemical reactions and brings new ideas.

However, thinking about "what you learn from this experience" and "what you learned from this experience" can be tedious. And we're not used to spending money on experience in the first place.

Therefore, it tends to flow to "buying things" that does not require much use of the head. But it's just a pause.

To spend meaningful money, you need to spend your head.

So what do you spend money and time on? What do we get from it? It needs to be over thought. But as a result, you can accumulate wisdom different from others in yourself.

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