The rich do not have a "dream"? Two traps of having a dream

◆ You don't have to rush to have a dream
The words "I don't have a dream" tend to give the impression of a cold, boring human being.

When I was a child, everyone was expected to have a dream, such as "What do you want to be in the future?"

Of course, if you have a solid dream, that's better. Because it will be the power to advance without hesitation.

But I don't think it's necessary to rush to have a dream without a dream. There are two "traps" to succumb to the social pressure of "have a dream" and make a dream in Muri.

◆ The dream is just a new start
First, dreams are essentially the "goals", so they are just the beginning of the next stage.

If you do not know it, there is a danger that the student who has passed the aspiring school will burn out with a sense of achievement, and the moment he achieves his dream, he will lose the ability to move forward. This is called burnout [burnout syndrome].

For example, Ichiro's dream in elementary school was to become a professional baseball player, but as you know, becoming a professional is not the end.

His feats have been accomplished through rigorous training, even as a professional. Having a new dream of going to a major league is just another starting point.

Even if it was a dream to “start a company and go public,” listing it would be a waypoint because it would have to be evaluated by the market and maintain and increase stock prices for shareholders.

Pass the exam, change jobs, start an independent business, surpass 100 million yen annually. They are not all goals, but rather a tool or a new start.

I myself had a dream of independent entrepreneurship, but it was a fun and difficult journey.

In other words, you can see that a dream is not a kind of "achieve it, it's done", it's just a new start.

◆ The trap that makes other options invisible
Another trap is that you are so bound by your dreams that you can't see other options and miss out on valuable opportunities. Or, even if the process of achieving a dream is hardened and hardened, it can be overpowered.

For example, I've heard this story.

When I was studying for the bar exam, my friend told me, "You're a business talent, so you're definitely in business. Let's start a business together." But I refused the story because studying for the entrance exams had priority.

A few years later, despite passing the bar examination, the environment has changed, leaving more lawyers and no law firm available. I finally got a job, but my annual income is around 5 million yen. I have declined all my friends to concentrate on my studies, so I can't get along with women and I can't get married.

On the other hand, the company launched by friends went public, and the founding members who owned shares became billionaires and retired gently. They all get married and have a family …

I don't know if it's a true story because I'm listening again. Also, this is only halfway through and life can change at any time, so it's hard to say what was good or bad.

Nor is listing a company, having an annual income or a family an absolute value.

But what if you are so particular about realizing a “professional dream” that you even sacrifice a life event that really wanted to take precedence over your dream? What if you struggled for your career and self-realization, and when you noticed you were past the right age and couldn't have the child you want?

Of course, each person has a priority at that point, so that doesn't mean it's good or bad.

You don't want to lose too much in your dreams to overlook your turning points or your other talents that others have found.

Of course, if you have a dream, it will be clear what you need to do and it will surely make your day more fulfilling.

However, having the capacity of the mind that can do what you want to do at the moment and the ability to flexibly adjust the trajectory when something is wrong are also like a free way of life.

◆ Have an axis even without a dream. How do you add value?
It's not that "you have a dream" or "you shouldn't have a dream" here. You don't have to embrace the values ​​of the world and try to force it.

Even if I don't have a dream at the moment, I want to have an "axis of life". The axis is "how to express my value."

What do you contribute to the world? What do we keep as posterity for our living proof? I believe that having such a sense of existence is the basis for keeping ideas and actions flexible while responding flexibly to changing goals and changing environmental environments.

For example, in my case, I have the axis of "distributing what I thought I could do and adding value". For this reason, I have chosen a job that can transmit information using books, lectures, seminars, blogs and other media.

Conversely, we have decided to lower our priority if it does not lead to information dissemination. On the other hand, "procurement of information to be transmitted" is also an important task. This procurement work is based on your own experience, so you have a wide range of options to do whatever you want in any field.

What if this was a dream, for example, to "publish a book", "be a lecturer" or "become an investor"? Is one book out and it's done? Did you give a lecture several times a year? Finish buying and selling investment products? It's just complacency and I find it boring.

"Dream to start a business" cannot be an axis in light of this standard. This is because, from the perspective of others, "If you do it yourself?" Entrepreneurship is just a means. "What value do you provide to the world through entrepreneurship?"

However, if you need to involve other people instead of yourself, you need to talk about your dream and vision of "I want to make the world better." This is because without a specific direction, people with different values ​​and ways of thinking cannot be directed to the same vector.

And nobody wants to support people who say, "I don't have a dream."

Therefore, it is important to point the way, "Let's aim here," if you need the cooperation of others or if you need to move together. However, this is nothing but the behavior of those who have dreams.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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