The rich do not want to "early retirement" !? Common features of those who can become rich

◆ People who can be rich can enjoy work
Successful people enjoy their work almost without exception.

Therefore, not many of them want to retire early. It's even more striking for entrepreneurs, most of whom take life-long duty to work.

Even employees who have climbed to the level of management have a tendency to start their own business after retiring. [However, many people earn early overseas and earn early retirement. They tend to be shorter than those who do this. Life still needs to be competing or somewhat nervous.]

◆ "Why work when you are successful"
On the other hand, there are typical lines that ordinary people say to them.

It says, "Why do you work when you're successful?" "People with money can't give lectures, consult, or write books." "After all, they're not making much money." Thing.

Ordinary people have the premise that they should not work if they have money, and they do not know the attitude and motivation of successful people to work at all. And because of that idea, I can't produce results in my work.

Ordinary people do not like work. I'm going to a bad company. I really want to quit. Therefore, they have no concentration, their creativity is obsolete, they cannot make bold decisions, and they have low willingness to try difficult things or to innovate. So remain an ordinary man.

◆ Successful people are not working to make money
But successful people aren't working to make money, much less to live.

For them, work is like a hobby or game, and a means of self-expression. Asking the world about the products and services you thought about and being grateful for getting money is just a self-expression. Such a job is fun and it can't be helped, so no matter how much wealth or income we have, we can't afford to quit and retire.

On the other hand, if I quit my job, I'm bored without doing anything. It's boring not to get the real pleasure of trying out your ideas.

Entrepreneurs and successful people who are currently active are almost work enthusiasts. However, he does not feel that he is working.

Because I want to do it. You can do some fun and get money, so you can see that there is no reason to quit.

◆ Abandon the idea of ​​“early retirement” and choose a job that will get you hooked
Of course, salarymen and entrepreneurs are in different positions, so not only can they feel that way, but if they can immerse themselves in their work, they will open up their abilities and recognize others.

If you really enjoy the work that will be spent most of the day, your life will be fulfilling and close to success.

So, first of all, let's abandon the idea of ​​"early retirement" and choose a job that will make you love the job in front of you, or that will keep you hooked even if your income temporarily decreases.

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