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As part of the work style reform, more and more companies are lifting their bans.

You may want to take part in a business plan seminar when you want to start a business, not just a side job. But I don't think that is necessary.

◆ Homepage production more important than business plan
This is necessary if you have a business that needs to move a lot of people or you need to borrow money, but a business plan that is perfect for an individual business is meaningless.

Because you don't know if you don't do business, and you don't know what sales will be. Products, prices, and ways of selling must be corrected. If you need an explanation, just write and write on the back of the copy paper with a pen.

My idea is that writing a business plan is a waste of time. Who would be pleased if you made a beautiful proposal with PowerPoint in the first place?

More important than that is the production of the homepage. This is because considering the text and structure of the homepage is an equal business plan.

Because we do it ourselves, we will pursue business such as what kind of characteristics of the products and services we provide, who we are, how to pay the fee, setting the items you want to write on the inquiry form You have to think about everything you need to go.

For example, when creating a page called “Frequently Asked Questions & Answers”, the customer imagines from the customer's point of view, “Why do you get lost?” “What do you worry about?” “What do you want to hear?” You.

Through this examination, it will lead to deepening services such as "Let's establish a refund system", "Let's specify the phone number", and "Let's introduce credit card payment".

◆ Launch from 60% of preparations without aiming for perfection from the beginning
If you have the time to make a business plan, release your products and services as soon as possible.

Because if you move you will find the next challenge. So with or without customer response, you know what to do next. The trajectory is corrected while running in that way.

The products and services will be released once with a degree of perfection of about 60 to 70%. At first it may not sell.

Then ask your friends and acquaintances why they do not buy them, compare the products and services of the companies that are selling, and improve the advertising method. is.

Rather than trying to be perfect from the beginning and starting when everything is ready, trial and error in this way will increase the degree of perfection and increase the experience value.

◆ I do not know unless I try! That's why we need adequacy
I used to be a big head in the past. The first major failure was a property information search site for real estate buyers. From the beginning, the money was poured in and the system was created, so when it came to "I have to change here", the cost of the correction was not enough.

Also, when we started a real estate company. At first I thought about the renovation business, but it didn't sell.

So I decided to do real estate brokerage to cover the immediate operating funds. However, I did not attract customers as I expected, and approached a place with rich customers, such as a tax accountant office, but it still did not sell.

I couldn't help holding a seminar in-house, which was a big hit. Since then, we have switched to seminar sales, and the renovation business has been done without any changes.

My experience is not an exception; just as products and services change, so do business forms and ways of involvement.

So you need to be aggressive, so you don't have to sell your product after it's perfect, make sure you're ready, don't get expensive tools from the start, or invest a lot of money.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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