The rich think for themselves "the mechanism to make money"

◆ Are you involved in a salaryman mass production system?
For example, in school education, it is important to take good points in tests. It is going to go to a good school.

In other words, it is built into the school system, which means taking good points, eliminating mistakes, not making mistakes.

Then, the intention of not failing and not causing friction with the surroundings becomes stronger. However, this is a study that is built into the employee mass production system.

◆ Consider whether your ability is really “creating money”
So, what I'm studying / researching and working as a job can only be used in the system or outside.

Next, consider next-generation business models in your field of specialty, specialty, and hobby. For example …

・ Diet and English business may remain immobile
・ Pet industry seems to be more exciting
・ As aging progresses, anti-aging business will become popular
・ Is iPhone programming still valid?

If there is a lot of competition in Japan, narrow the scope thoroughly. For example …

・ Travel agency limited to World Heritage tours
・ Dental clinic specializing in measures against bad breath
・ Tatami-ya with accessories using tatami fabric
・ Dining restaurant specializing in sesame dishes, said to be good for health

In addition, think about ways to create demand or educate customers. For example …

・ Karaoke store opens karaoke classroom and raises operation rate
・ A logistics company creates and carries a personal computer assembly line
・ Moving contractor works as an intermediary for office
・ Cookware maker opens cooking class and asks to buy utensils

At the same time, we will consider “reasoning to make money”.

・ Do you want to buy it even if you pay?
• Why do customers pay you, not others?
・ How can I come up with a touch of customers' chords?
・ How to collect customers and collect money?
・ How do you structure it and release it from your own hands?

In this way, I think that having the habit of asking where I am standing now and where I am going is going to be a driving force to break away from being incorporated into a system that is advantageous to someone else. The

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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