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The rumor of the introduction of the completely wireless earphone "Buds (provisional)" from OnePlus looks completely like a certain company-Engadget Japanese version

A rumor has been reported abroad about the completely wireless earphone "Buds (tentative name)" of China OnePlus.

The image above was posted by Max J., a well known leak account. From the illustration, you can see the name "Buds", the earphone body similar to Apple's "AirPods", and the design of a semi-circular charging case.

OnePlus Buds

According to information obtained from Max J. by overseas tech site 9to5 Google, this wireless earphone will be launched from OnePlus in July. OnePlus is a mid-range smartphoneOnePlus ZIt is rumored that it will be launched in July, and it may be announced at the same time as this OnePlus Buds.

It is exactly the wireless earphone industry that is in the state of group male division, but in the future HTC will also introduce "HTC U Ear (tentative name)"predictionIt has been. Another feature is that the design is very similar to AirPods.

As a wireless earphone, Apple, which incorporates advanced design and design, is ahead of other companies. On the other hand, Google and Microsoft are also trying to differentiate themselves by linking with their own AI functions and apps. Under such circumstances, it is unclear how simple the AirPods-like wireless earphones can appeal to consumers, but there is one chan depending on the price.

Source: Max J. (Twitter 1, 2)
Via: 9to5Google

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