The rust on this wheel is also clear! |Restore Carrera Vol.6| "As a result, I applied 24 times of clear coating" A good idea for a comfortable ride |R360 restore

"As a result, I applied clear 24 times. Usually, with one car all paint can be applied 4 or 5 times, so it takes about 5 cars."

 As you can see from the photograph of the body up, the rust and paint bald that originally existed on the body is coated with clear paint. While keeping the years that the car has spent, I revived the shiny, smooth appearance. The method I tried this time was that Ogiwara said, "If you do a full restore, it will be too clean and you will not be able to ride it easily, so it's a good way to finish your ride without hesitation."

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A cute frog-like figure is also popular with women and children. Rust is seen around the front, and at first glance it looks like an old car, but in fact it is one car finished with the latest method.

Carrera's sign is also under clear.

Restored Carrera's secret cleaning method makes it beautiful. The weather strip is equipped with a general-purpose new product.

You can see a little rust on the light rim, but these are all under the clear layer. As you can tell by touching gently, the surface of the rim is smooth and polished. Finished by putting clear paint on multiple layers as single parts.

The emblem was cleaned and reattached to what was attached to the car body.

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