The same carbon guitar as the sports car? │ Fender produces a guitar inspired by Saline!

Fender, one of the world's leading guitar makers, has created a homage to the US-based supercar maker Salene 1.

The project started at a bar. One day, a man sitting next to Fender Custom Shop master and car fan Ron Thorne wore a Saline T-shirt. The man was serving Saline. Salene's base was close to the Fender facility in California's Corona. Ron asked the man, "What are you doing now in Salene?" And he replied, "Building a 1000-horsepower sports car." And the idea of ​​a special project came to Thorn's head.

This Stratocaster is completely different from other Fender guitars. The body is made of carbon and has the same candy red as the Saline sports car. The paint is finished in five layers, similar to a car, by Saline artisans. The fretboard and head are also made of carbon. Saline's sports car has an engine housed under the rear window, imitating that Thorn also mounted the pickups under tinted glass.

On a normal guitar, the control knobs and switches are attached to the body, but all of this guitar is controlled by a pedal board. Of course, it is based on the control of the feet found in sports cars such as clutches and brakes.

Fender also announced a 35th anniversary model of Ford Mustang in 1999, the second collaboration with an automaker.

The collaboration model with Salene is scheduled to be commercialized from 2020, and the price is $ 33,000 [about 3.63 million yen].

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