The school name of Noshiro Kogaku, a prestigious basketball player, disappears.

It was officially decided on 7th that the name of Noshiro Kogyo [Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture], the prestigious high school basketball world that has won the national title 58 times, will disappear. On the afternoon of this day, the Akita Prefectural Assembly opened and passed the ordinance to change the school name. Noshiro Ko will be integrated with Noshiro Nishi next spring, and "Noshiro Science and Technology High School" will become the new school name.

Noshiro Ko, who became a model of "Sanno Kogyo" of the manga "Slam Dunk", won the Saitama National Athletic Meet for the first time in 67 years under the guidance of the late director Hiroshi Kato [died in 2018] who became director in 1960. With the help of haste, he won the high school overall 22 times, the national polity 17 times, and the winter cup 19 times. Achieved three crowns nine times a year, making Noshiro a "basketball town". The OB includes Yuta Tabuse [39] who became the first Japanese NBA player.

The private sector, which organizes teams centered on international students, made a leap forward, and Japan's No. 1 Akita National Athletic Meet was the last in Japan, but this spring it will be integrated with Noshiro Nishi, an agricultural system, and Noshiro Science and Technology will emerge as a new school proposal, There was a signing campaign spreading through the internet to reconsider, such as changing the school name to "Noshiro Kogyo" to keep the name of Noshiro Ko. A petition and a petition were also sent to the prefectural assembly.

Public sports prestigious schools are changing their names one after another due to integration. Shimizu Shota [Shizuoka City], who won the 12th national soccer title, was in Sakuragaoka for 13 years, and Fushimiko [Kyoto City] was the 4th Hanazono winner who was the model of the drama "School Wars" in rugby in 16 years, Kyoto. It has changed to Kogakuin.

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