The sea flowed into LEGO blocks, marine environment, up to 1300 years remain, as shown in the research results

British Plymouth University and other research groups of the research shows that the ocean flowed into the LEGO blocks in the marine environment up to 1,300 years and likely to remain so(Papers Project, Plymouth University News article, SlashGear article).

Research in the UK Cornwall’s multiple volunteer organizations of the shore cleaning operations recovered thousands of pieces of LEGO blocks, from among the weathering proceeded to 50 extract. X-ray fluorescence analysis using the additive of the difference by the determining,in the 1970s~1980s made of unused LEGO blocks and the size and mass to compare with. As a result, the ABS plastic LEGO block is resistant in the marine environment form until 100 years~1,300 years from the conclusion reached with this.

Past studies have shown that the LEGO block is at the beach lost from home, taking out the trash in the course of the spill can been flowing into the ocean that. In 1997, occurred in the cargo of the container falling in an accident500 million pieces of LEGO blocks spillOr so. Shore recovered a LEGO block is chipped and worn, and it remained part of one micro-plastic to your being. So the used goods are harmful to the environment and the appropriate disposal must be the researchers said.

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