The second event of the popular photo book Marika Matsumoto is held, motivated for the next work

Marika Matsumoto held a second event at Shibuya HMV on Saturday, March 18th, for her photo book "Monthly Marika Matsumoto / Tei Photo ND CHOW".

Marika Matsumoto, who released her first photo book “Marika Matsumoto / Tei Photo ND CHOW” for the first time in 15 years last November. On the day after the release date, a release commemorative event was also held. An unusual additional event was held at Shibuya HMV because the photo book was very popular this time.

After this event, Matsumoto said, "I was able to talk deeply with each and everybody, and I really enjoyed the power. I often got encouraged, and the time with the fans was like a reward for me. I really enjoyed it! The world of photography was a new challenge, but I wanted to express it even more, if I was asked to do so [laughs]. ”

This girl has already been drawn to hot topics such as drama this year. It will definitely be the eye of the typhoon in 2020.

▽ “Monthly Marika Matsumoto / Tei Photo ND CHOW”
Photography: ND CHOW
Price: 2250 yen + tax
Publisher: Shogakukan
Release Date: November 8, 2019

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