The secret to increasing money is "behave like a wealthy"

◆ Change your behavior if you want to be rich
The most important thing to become a wealthy is to act like a wealthy. If you want to be rich, we recommend that you act as if you were rich.

How will wealthy people behave?
What would you do if you wanted to behave like a wealthy man?

Riding a luxury foreign car, becoming a regular at a three-star restaurant, and deciding on trendy fashion. If you can imagine taking such an action, it may be the wrong perception of the wealthy.

Wealth and money are similar but different. Please grasp the real image firmly.

Wealthy are frugal, but money is a waster. Wealthy people spend money, but money is attractive to spending money. Wealth owners try to spend money for others, but only make money for themselves.

The wealthy got money as a result, but the money was money.

How is it? Wealthier ideas about money are extremely simple and essential. The idea of ​​money is an egotistic and light skin.

Wealthy people live in large houses and may be first class when flying. Luxury is a luxury, but life is surprisingly simple. Rather, it can be said that he became a wealthy because he was modest.

Which one you want to be has an effect on your everyday actions, and that has to do with the consequences.

◆ Become a human as thought
Why behave like a wealthy man? I want to see the benefits of acting like a wealthy.

One is the function of the human brain, and the other is the use of the law of money.

The human brain is a computer with enormous power, but the logic is quite simple. I want money! When you think about it, you will confirm the current situation without money and reproduce your sense of lack.

But if we assume we have money like wealthy people, we will behave like wealthy people.

Because the brain doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy. Proof is that saliva comes out if you imagine plums. So, by thinking of the desired ideal, the brain will guide you to take the appropriate action.

It is a sense of fulfillment, plenty of money, and a strategy to draw more money.

From the law of money, money collects where there is energy. Money is drawn to places that take care of money.

It would be nice to behave like a wealthy person and to naturally take actions that would make me rich in money, and to think that money would naturally be collected.

But it can take decades to do so.

"Rome must be a day!"

Building great things takes time.

Be prepared and go through the behavior of a wealthy for decades to make sure you become a wealthy! The point is that the image is appropriate! And the image appears in action! And be patient!

Sentence = Kunihiro Kitagawa [money guide]
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