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The shirt appearance is decided. New common sense shirt holder "S-Holder"-Engadget Japan version

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  • Hold the shirt firmly! Achieve stylish wearing ◎

  • Troubles such as shirts sticking out of the pants, shifting, and sagging are solved at once!

  • Shirts are not disturbed even by hard movements such as squatting, bending hips, and raising arms.

We are particular about "look"A must-have for a decisive man!

"A shirt is out?"

When I left the house, I was wearing it properly, but my shirt was jumping out of my pants …

Do you have such experience?

People who saw it think like this.

  • Sloppy

  • Terrible

  • Lack of cleanliness

It seems that I can not do the job just because the shirt is outNegative impressionWill be held.

Also, even if you do not go until you jump out,

  • The shirt gradually shifts when sitting on the chair

  • Shirt loosens when going around

  • When raising arms or squatting, I'm worried that my shirt will come out

Do you have such a problem?

If the shirt shifts and accumulates around my stomachLooks fatAnd the figure that returns the shifted shirt to the pantsnot coolis. Worried about the shirtWork performance is also decliningmaybe.

"Even if you say that, you will go out without even noticing, and you will come out no matter how many times you put it in, what should I do?"

In such a case.

A new common sense for a decisive man
Shirt holder "S-Holder"

Just wearing this, suchYour worries are solvedTo do.

"But you've never seen anyone wearing this and are you ashamed if anyone sees you?"

I understand that.

But aren't there many opportunities to take off your pants in public?

The time to see a shirt should be overwhelmingly long.

And this S-Holder alreadyVery popular overseas!

Overseas crowdfunding [Kickstarter and Indeigogo]Total about 25 million yen [5,469 people]Has successfully raised funds.

It has been highly evaluated by overseas users who actually used it,
"I can't live without S-holders anymore"There is even a person called.

This is this timeJapan's first landing.

I have the feeling that it will become a standard product of men who care about fashion.
This timeAdvance sales only for green funding.
Why don't you try it out and experience wearing one step ahead?

Let's take a look at the features of S-Holder.

Adjustable side straps and clips hold the shirt snugly and comfortably.

Made of comfortable and skin-friendly materials, it works as if the S-Holder and body are integrated.

Even if you move around for one day, you can continue wearing smart.

Adjustable side straps securely hold any length shirt.

The mounting method is simple. Just fasten with three clips.

The colors are black, beige and blue. Three popular colors are available.

From left: black, beige, blue

From left: blue, black, beige

Material: polyester, polyurethane, polyamide

Available in three sizes S, M and L.

S [48-53cm]

M [54-60cm]

L [61-67cm]

How to measure size

Measure the thickest part of the thigh as shown below.

Q. Doesn't it sound like an outerwear?

A. It does not sound unless it is extremely thin pants.

Q. Are you tired even after one day?

A. If you choose the right size, you can use it without feeling tightened. In addition, we adopt material which is kind to skin.

Q. Can I wash it?

A. You can wash in the washing machine. We recommend that you put it in the laundry net before washing.

Q. Is ordering one S-Holder for both legs?

A. It is a pair of legs in one order.

Q. Can I use it when playing golf?

A. Also available for golf and other sports. You can concentrate on playing without worrying about the shirt.

Q. I'm ashamed if someone sees me.

A. With a storage case, you can carry it smartly even when traveling or traveling.

Q. Can you fit any length of shirt?

A. The length can be adjusted with the side strap, so it can be attached to any length shirt.

Q. Does your shirt get scratched?

A. We devised a clip so that the shirt would not be damaged.

Q. Isn't it difficult to move?

A. Because it is elastic, you can move without stress.

Q. Do you get in the way when you go to the bathroom?

A. At first, you may feel uncomfortable, but once you get used to it, you won't feel in the way.

Q. Is there a shirt holder for women?

A. There is no women's shirt holder this time, but there is a possibility that it will be sold in the future if there are many requests.

Q. Returns and exchanges

A. If the size does not fit, we will exchange the size up to one time free of charge. However, please note that we may not be able to respond to the limited number of colors and sizes. Please note that the return shipping fee to us when returning the product will be borne by the supporter [prepayment]. Please understand beforehand that returned goods and refunds other than initial failure are not basically accepted.

Headquartered in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a scenic country surrounded by mountains.

Founder Nik Vene started developing the product in 2014, stressed by the fact that his shirt hem came out every time he sat down, knelt or stretched.

Founder Nik Vene

In 2016, crowdfunding [Kickstarter], And succeeded in developing "T-Holder" which is the predecessor of "S-Holoder".

After that, we made improvements based on feedback from customers and developed "S-Holder".

Our motto is to provide the highest quality products and to respect customer feedback as much as possible, and we make every effort to become an internationally recognized brand.

Thank you for reading this project page.

I'm Kamoshida, President of Free Spirit Co., Ltd.

The company name "Free Spirit" means "free spirit / free person".

"Relieve anxiety, worries, and stress and live as you are."

This name was born from a strong desire to increase the number of people who live such a life.

Under the company name, we are engaged in import and sales of overseas products and development of our own products under the slogan "Contribute to the rich life of customers through manufacturing."

"I want to spread wonderful things from overseas in Japan."

One of the initiatives is this project.

This product “ S-Holder '' was developed in Slovenia in 2017, and is available on overseas crowdfunding sites “ kickstarter '' and “ INDIEGOGO ''Total about 25 million yenIt is a huge hit with the support of

Even if you move around for a day, your shirt won't slip and you can always wear smart.

If you are interested, please help us.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

* This product is supported by Free Spirit Co., Ltd. in Japan as an authorized distributor of NV Holders in Japan.

  • If the support of more customers than expected through this project is received, the production lead time may be extended and the delivery time may be delayed.
  • Delivery time may be delayed due to trouble during overseas transportation or trouble at customs clearance.
  • Parallel imports may occur. Please note that there is a possibility that this cannot be prevented depending on individual imports and sales channels. Please note that we cannot guarantee products purchased from parallel importers.
  • For products under development, the design and specifications may be partially changed.

Thank you for your understanding and understanding of the above precautions in advance due to the nature of crowdfunding.


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