The situation has changed. Some people buy masks for the first time in Brazil

For the first time in Brazil, one person died in a new coronavirus infection on the 16th. The state of Japan is changing day by day. There are few people from all over the town, and telework is recommended. My mother is an ikebana teacher, but the exhibition in Rio de Janeiro has been canceled.

Taxi drivers are wearing masks and opening windows. This is summer, so it's hot without a cooler, but I can't say that. For some reason, toilet paper was sold out. Some people buy masks for the first time. Until now, looking at people wearing masks seemed exaggerated, but the situation has changed.

In the city of Sao Paulo, the last number of the car license plate determines which days of the week should not be driven once a week. This is a rule to prevent air pollution, but recently the regulation has been lifted. Because it is safer to get on the bus in a group.

Bolsonaro was once suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, but was tested negative. However, he has not hesitated to hugg or shake hands with supporters, and criticism has been raised that he is "irresponsible." In addition, revocation of permission to go to prisoners led to riots, and more than 1,400 people escaped from multiple prisons. More than half are still running away.

The soccer game has also been canceled. Many people have been looking forward to it, but there is a growing view that "I'm sorry to let them play. The players are also human."

Among the athletes who aim for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics], surfing Gabriel Medina is famous in Brazil. Neymar's friend and gold candidate. The other day, he appeared on a TV program and said, "The waves in Tokyo are different. You have to lose weight to cope." Brazilians know that Japanese people are working hard to hold the Olympics, but they are starting to think that hosting them is a little dangerous. [Correspondent Eliza Otsuka]

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