The story of a person who achieved global success with motivation from Porsche

People around the world will know whatsapp, a messaging app. However, few people know the existence of Jean Koum behind it. And it was Porsche that supported his success story.

Ukrainian Jan Koum is the backbone of WhatsApp, and his apps are used by more than a billion people worldwide. And in 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $ 19 billion. And Jean became a board member of Facebook, a man who ranks among the top 200 in the world list.

But he doesn't look like wealth. When they appear in public, they adhere to T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, a style that programmers often find. As with clothing, there is no compromise on cars. "For me, the only car is a Porsche. One day I've always dreamed of getting it."

When he was sixteen [1992], he and his mother moved to Silicon Valley in the United States, where they worked hard with protection. Jean, who was still a teenager, cleaned the supermarket, and her mother ironed a commission-based shirt. He often saw Porsche while working. "For me, Porsche was a proof of success. One day, the desire to own a Porsche was a sign of learning and working.
It was a great motivation. ”He majored in programming at university and worked for“ Yahoo ”for nine years before establishing“ WhatsApp ”in 2009.

The first Porsche that Jean got was the 2003 911 Cabriolet. That was in 2006. At that time, he admired convertible models. Then, I switched 964 and 993 coupe. "Nothing is as enjoyable as the $ 911 air-cooled engine in the 1990s."

He continues to grow his 911 collection. "I'd like a radio that doesn't have a radio, or one that can be removed even if it's. There's no music that's as nice as the sound of a six-cylinder engine."

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