The structure plan plummeted,the first half operating income of deficit expansion/emerging markets snapshot

*13:20JST <4748> The structure plan 2849 -306
The plunge. 20 years and 6 months 2nd quarter, fiscal year-to-date [19 years 7-12 on]of the operating income to 3. 01 billion deficit[the figures for the same period in the previous year, 1. 65 billion of the deficit] and announced. Engineering consulting projects part of the time of recording is the 3rd quarter and later on a active sales activities along with sales increased. Full-year forecasts year on year 20. 8%, an increase of 15. 00 billion of surplus is deferred for. The deficit expanded to accept the plan was not achieved to the alarm spread, and the seller of the dominant become. 《US》

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