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The successor to the Price Com Award winner is now on sale for a limited time until February 17! JAPANNEXT's WQHD 32-inch slim type LCD monitor “ JN-IPS3202WQHD ''

JAPANNEXT has released the "JN-IPS3202WQHD" WQHD (Wide Quad Hi-Vision) 2,560 x 1,440 dot 32 type wide, 60Hz slim type LCD monitor. From February 3 to February 17, 2020 (Monday), a monitor special sale will be held before sale, and will be sold at 29,970 yen.

This product is the successor to the JN-IPS3200WQHD, which won the gold prize in's product award in 2017 and the PC peripheral LCD monitor category, overtaking all manufacturers. The interface is equipped with a total of five ports, HDMI X 2 / DP / Mini-DP / VGA terminal. HDMI supports a wide range of AV equipment and game consoles as well as computers, and can be connected with a single cable.

WQHD is a resolution of 2,560X1,440, which is four times the size of a 720p (1,280X720) HD liquid crystal display, or approximately 1.8 times the working area of ​​a full HD (1,920×1,080). The work area is overwhelmingly wider than a typical HD LCD display, and it can display four HD resolution videos simultaneously. Work efficiency can be greatly improved by supporting wide area display. It will better support various tasks such as arranging work palettes such as DTP and CAD software handling large graphics, office work handling multiple documents and simultaneous display of web pages.

"JN-IPS3202WQHD" product introduction page

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